Cultivate a strong sense of common humanity to restore peace

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As the world we live in has turned into a multicultural society, peaceful coexistence has come to the fore to develop a sense of belonging among people from different backgrounds. Building a sense of belonging takes courage and humanity based on knowledge economy.
Scholars have defined knowledge economy as an economy in which growth is dependent on the quantity, quality and accessibility of the available information. They have argued that the key component of a knowledge economy is a greater reliance on intellectual capabilities than on physical inputs and natural resources.
Wars and conflicts are in fact nothing new to the world. Aggressiveness and prejudice are supposed to have been ingrained in human beings from birth. It is interesting to note that people began to wage war against one another following the rise of tribalism. Tribal peoples fought for new territories and food. As is known to all, conflicts always give rise to hostilities. There is every reason to believe that humanitarianism is the highest form of human virtue.
Now that the peace talks in the country have been dragging on for more than five decades, the time has come for all sides to use their intellect to examine whether they are being assertive or aggressive at the negotiation table. It is natural that opinion is divided. However, accepting each other’s differences is one thing and agreeing to work on each other’s similarities is another. Simply put, acceptance does not necessarily mean agreement. Now is the time for the armed groups involved in the peace process to cultivate a strong sense of common humanity and enjoy a healthy debate over the restoration of peace once and for all.

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