Cultivating the Union spirit will keep us pure

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The Union spirit can be defined as the mental outlook that has helped keep all ethnic nationals united in the most difficult of times. In Myanmar, where people from over a hundred different ethnic races live, the Union spirit is vital. It is this spirit which can bring ethnic races together, help the perpetuation of the Union, and ensure peace and stability.
All ethnic nationals must cultivate the Union spirit in the deepest recesses of their mind. Only with the Union spirit can the country’s citizens achieve non-disintegration of the Union, harmonious coexistence, and national unity.
Our Union, which had survived intact for over thousands of years, disintegrated when the colonialists took over the country. The Union spirit inherited from our forefathers
also diminished during colonial rule. Ethnic nationals
ceased cordial relations with each other. Our strong Union spirit was systematically dismantled.
Honesty and integrity are the hallmark of ethnic nationals. Each of them loves the land, the water, and the people who live in the Union. They coexist peacefully and encourage and support each other. Under colonial rule, our innocent ethnic
nationals had their pure hearts stained, their spirit and inherent integrity — cultivated over thousands of years — broken, almost entirely. They were divided and conquered.
However, all ethnic nationals displayed their unity through the Panglong spirit. They fought valiantly for independence. The freedom of the entire Union was envisioned through their rejuvenated Union spirit. But while they achieved freedom, the spirit of the ethnic nationals was once again shattered, and, for some time, unity and solidarity seemed out of reach.
To build a peaceful Union we must first establish peace. We must proliferate the Union spirit to bring about a Union built on honest policies. We must cultivate the Union spirit. In the present day, all ethnic nationals are displaying affection and unity towards each other. They are making efforts to participate in the 21st Century Panglong to bring about peace.
The hearts of all ethnic national are pure and with the help of the Union spirit, we must wash away any attempts to discolor or taint them. We must bring about equality and unity to our Union and all ethnic nationals who traverse together through thick and thin.

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