Cultivation of foreign marketable green gram expands

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Farmers harvest green gram. Photo: Soe Lin Naing

The cultivation of green gram, which is foreign marketable and having prices, is being expanded in the country, said Secretary U Min Ko Oo of the Myanmar Beans and Sesame Seeds Merchant Association.
Earlier, the country produced only over 300,000 tonnes of green gram yearly. Later on, more than 600,000 tonnes of green gram were being produced, he added.
“Last year, we produced over 300,000 tonnes of green gram for the whole year. Now, we can produce over 600,000 tonnes of green gram in the country. It can grow in all three seasons — summer, monsoon and winter. The green gram is grown not only in regions but also Bago east and west. It is also grown in Thonegwa and Khayan townships in Yangon region and Bago, Thanatpin, Kawa townships. Now, Myanmar can export more than 600,000 tonnes of green gram. We expect to export more tonnes of green gram this year,” U Min Ko Oo explained.
“The green gram price ranges between K 1.3 million and 1.4 million per tonne depending upon the new harvested green gram. The FOB price of green gram is around US$1000 per tonne. The green gram market is extensive. It is exported mostly to China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Europe. Myanmar exported no more than 10 per cent or 15 per cent of green gram to India. Myanmar also exported green gram to China through Muse route and sea route,” he added.
He also added that the government and the association suggested that the local farmer grow marketable green gram more. Myanmar mainly exports three types of bean such as green grams, black beans and pigeon peas. Among them, the green gram is leading with the highest price. According to the bean market, the black bean price is K950,000 per tonne while the pigeon pea is sold for K810,000 per tonne.
Consequently, the local farmers have significantly dropped its black bean and pigeon pea cultivation, relying only upon the India market. (Translated by Hay Mar)

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