Danu National Organization Party (DNOP) presents its policy, stance and work programmes

DNOP Logo scaledDanu National Organization Party (DNOP) Chairman U Tin Maung Oo presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes as follows:

Greetings esteemed citizens. I wish you peace of mind and the clarity to make the best decision with your vote.

I am Chairman U Tin Maung Oo of the Danu National Organization Party (DNOP). Our party was formed a year before the 2015 elections from 4 members in a party formation committee to 36 members in the central executive committee. We were developed to meet the needs of the changing times and to fulfil the interests of local ethnic residents, Shan State, and the national interest.

Esteemed voters and nationalities
Danu National Organization Party represents all ethnic groups in the Danu region and practises the policy to cooperate with partner political parties. We shall establish a federal union that guarantees political, economic, health, education and general development for Shan State and the entire nation together with the rule of law, internal peace and equality for all ethnic groups.

Esteemed voters and nationalities
Each voter citizen wishes for peaceful living, basic needs fulfilled, smooth business, adequate healthcare, and access to education but the evil of greed sparked a civil war that could not be ended even after 70 years.
From setting up a village to building a nation, we have been living together from village rules to the Constitution for political solidarity to perpetuate the union to ensure social security and peace for the future generations. Thereby, we can set up a Federal Union with loving spirit for the nation, unity, peace and stability.
DNOP represents the Danu Self-Administered Zone and the support of the regional residents. And with a political vision, we will steadfastly implement union peace, politics, economy, healthcare, education, security, and general development. We will cooperate with like-minded political parties.

Esteemed voters and nationalities
Our party will cooperate with members of the government and residents for the basic living standards, healthcare, education, business, farmers and labourers affairs, women and youth affairs, environmental conservation, civil servants affairs, the rule of law, regional and national development beyond the 2020 elections. As a leader of the political party, I would like to say we will accept the trust, support and criticism of the people while representing them.

Esteemed voters and nationalities
We must establish a Federal Democratic Union filled with such values as the political awakening of the people, political understanding, self-determination of ethnic groups and equality for democracy to proliferate.
Our party has nine stars on our logo, and we request you to support us to prevent authoritarianism. We will create freedom, fairness, equality and federal democratic system with other affiliated political parties to end internal conflicts and instil regional development free of corruption.
So, we are a people-based party and would like to request you to vote for us, in conclusion.


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