Death toll from seasonal influenza reaches 12

A health official assists a schoolgirl in wearing mask following recommended precautionary measures in Kawthoung. Photo: Kyaw Soe

With two more deaths from H1N1 influenza yesterday, the number of death toll has reached 12 or 5.6 percent of those who have been confirmed to have the virus, the Ministry of Health and Sports said yesterday.
Two patients receiving treatment for the seasonal influenza A H1N1 positive died yesterday after being admitted to Yankin Children’s Hospital and Waibargi Hospital on 28th July, said a statement released by the Ministry of Health and Sports.
The statement said that more than 210 patients are receiving treatment for the severe acute respiratory infection at hospitals nationwide, of them 62 are contracted with the swan flu.
Laboratory tests carried out from 2 pm on Saturday to 2 pm Sunday confirmed that 11 patients are contracted with H1N1 virus.  Meanwhile, the health officials have sought to calm fears among the public over the outbreak which has seen stores Yangon sell out of  surgical masks.
The ministry has urged everyone to follow their recommended precautionary measures, which include avoiding crowds, frequent washing hands, use of disposal tissues when sneezing and coughing, and thorough cleaning of utensils and plates before use.
The health officials pointed out that H1N1 has been among the strains of flu circulating in Myanmar seasonally since a global pandemic in 2009, although deaths from the virus have not been reported in recent years.— GNLM

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