Deceitful media misrepresents clashes between security forces and terrorists

The screenshot validates misinformation.

To sow discord between security forces and the public, certain deceitful media outlets are disseminating false information alleging that security forces ignited a blaze in Ywashay village, Myingyan Township, resulting in the deaths of five individuals on 14 May.
However, the reality is that PDF terrorists committed an attack on security forces fulfilling their local security duties in Myingyan Township, employing both small and heavy weaponry. This led to an exchange of fire, during which the terrorists suffered significant casualties and subsequently retreated into Ywashay village in disarray.
Following the skirmish, security forces conducted a thorough search of the battleground, uncovering the body of one deceased PDF terrorist and confiscating three heavy weapons and two small arms. It was during this engagement that heavy weapons launched by the terrorists inadvertently ignited fires in the village, damaging several residences.
These deceitful media outlets persist in fabricating misinformation, disregarding the actual events on the ground and concealing the terrorist actions. Moreover, they are creating misunderstanding between security forces and the public by accusing and blaming security forces. — MNA/TKO

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