Decisiveness means:

(1) Having a decided or definite outcome or result; e.g. A decisive battle (deciding which side wins the war).

(2) Showing decision; Definitely, conclusively or positively.

(3) The ability to make decisions quickly with confidence and determination.

Since it is very important to be decisive in some cases, kindly let me analyze the meaning of DECISIVENESS in the following way:

D         for       Definite Purpose

E         for       Energy

C         for       Compelling Passion

I           for       Initiative

S          for       Seeing Through

I           for       Inspiration

V         for       Vision & Values

E         for       Earnest Will

N         for       Not Going Forward Is To Turn Back

E         for       Endeavour

S          for       Strengths

S          for       Strategy


            Definite means determinate, distinct, precise, clear, not doubtful or uncertain. And purpose means: Object to be attained; thing intended, intention to act, resolution, determination. Purpose also means: That which one means to do, get, be etc; aim; plan; design; intension.

            If we are to amount to something, some attainment or some achievement, we must have a definite purpose. That means we have got to have a vivid and clear-cut vision and values, goal and objective, aim and object. In plain language, we must have a definite idea of what we passionately want to be, to have and to do. We have got, at an early stage in life, to form a very distinctive ambition. It means we must begin our life journey with a definite destination. We must begin our life with the end in mind, with all our heart and with all our strengths. We cannot afford to doubt, hesitate or waver.


            Energy means: Force, vigor, activity, capacity to do things and get things done; power (of a person) available for working, or as used in working; apply (devote) all one’s energies to a task. Energy also means the physical and mental strength that makes you able to be active.

            In order to have energy, we have got to take care of our health, fitness and strength. We must also take care of our emotional strength and stability and stamina. And we must cultivate and fortify our stamina and staying power.


            Compelling means: Rousing strong interest, extremely interesting or exciting. And passion means: Strong feeling or emotion; anger; sexual love; strong enthusiasm.

            So, compelling passion means a strong drive, force, impelling urge. It all means we should have a compelling passion to be successful, happy and peaceful in our lives. It means we should be hot or cold, but never be lukewarm. We must lead a fervent, effervescent life.


            Initiative means: (1) Ability to originate, set going, admit, introduce; enterprise; first step; lead.

(2) First or introductory step or move; capacity to see what needs to be done and enterprise enough to do it.

            Successful people usually have a few but strong attributes in common, such as initiative, resourcefulness, decisiveness, common sense, courage and character. In terms of personal quality, inspiring individuals usually have initiative, intent, integrity, indomitability, and iron will. They take the first step, they lead and they inspire. They also improve themselves continually.


            Seeing through means seeing the truth, the reality, things as they objectively are the potential and the ultimate. Seeing through means seeing in one’s mind’s eyes the destination of the journey, the summit of the mountain. People of decisive dimension or caliber see the ultimate blue, clear sky through the dark clouds. Such decisive people strategically see the ultimate victory through all obstacles and difficulties.


            Inspiration means: (1) A sudden good idea about what you should do or say. (2) The state of being given encouragement or good ideas about what you should do. (3) A person, experience or place etc., that you get inspiration from. (4) To be inspirational to somebody, to make someone feel encouraged to be as good, successful etc., as possible.

            When a person is inspired or encouraged, he or she can be decisive to be or not to be, or to do or not to do something. If there is little or no inspiration or incentive, one is liable to be doubtful, wavering, skeptic or indecisive. It means that self-motivated persons are more decisive in making a decision. Knowledge, information, experience or exposure are helpful to be decisive. Single-minded people are usually more decisive than people of unfocused mind. It means focus or concentration of mind is conducive to be decisive. And inspired people are more focused or better concentrated people with better motivation.


            Vision is what you see yourself to be in the future. Vision is what you believe you could become in the future. It is your dream. It is your whole inspiration. It is the meaning of your life. In that vision, you (must) live and move and have your being.

            Values mean beliefs and ideals that you hold highest in your life. Your core values are the beliefs that you deem most precious in your life such as HONESTY, HONOUR, HIGH THINKING, HIGH ACHIEVEMENT, AND HIGH CARING & SHARING.


            St. John said: “Not to go forward is to turn back, and not to be gaining is to be losing“.

            In the Bible it is said: “This one thing I do. Forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press towards the MARK“.

Keep on keeping on no matter how hard the going may be!


            “Actions are ours; consequences belong to heaven“; someone had said. A Jewish proverb says: “The wisdom of life is to endure what we must and to change what we can“. One of the best examples of endeavour is:

                                                “Let there be all skins,

                                                Let there be all bones,

                                                Let there be all sinews,

                                                Let me be dead; but

                                                I’ll not rise until

                                                I attain full Enlightenment”.

                                                                                    – The Buddha-To-Be

                                                                           (Prince Siddhattha, The Recluse)


            There are FIVE KINDS OF PERSONAL STRENGTHS, viz.:

  • Physical Strength    (PS/PQ),                   Health & Fitness                    Body
  • Mental Strength    (MS/IQ),                  Vision & Strategy                  Head
  • Emotional Strength    (ES/EQ),                  Passion & Values                   Heart
  • Spiritual Strength    (SS/SQ),                   Service & Selflessness           Soul
  • Achievement Strength  (AS/AQ),             Character & Competence       Life

Organizational Strengths are:

  • Human Resource
  • Financial Resource
  • Technological Resource
  • Material Resource
  • Information Resource


            Strategy means STRATEGOS (in Greek) which means: The Art of the General.

The Art of the General, in turn, means:

  • v Out-Generalling the (Enemy) General
  • v Out-Thinking the (Enemy) General
  • v Out-Witting the (Enemy) General
  • v Out-Planning the (Enemy) General
  • v Out-Preparing the (Enemy) General
  • v Out-Performing the (Enemy) General
  • v Out-Organizing the (Enemy) General
  • v Out-Renewing the (Enemy) General
  • v Out-Reinventing the (Enemy) General

A strategy is carried out with a meticulous Plan of Action.


            TO BE OR NOT TO BE

Ref: Oxford Dictionary

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