Defence Services Personnel representatives announced for Amyotha Hluttaw


Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Union Election Commission
Notification 270/2020

1st Waning of Nadaw 1382ME
(30 December 2020)

The Union Election Commission, in accordance with the Section 31 of the Amyotha Hluttaw Election Law, has scrutinized and announced the following Amyotha Hluttaw representatives of Defence Services Personnel who were submitted by the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services, in line with Chapter 8 of the Amyotha Hluttaw Election Law in the third multiparty democracy general elections held on 8 November 2020.

Sr.Commission NoRankName
1.BC 17953Maj-GenSan Myint
2.BC 18035Brig-GenKyaw Kyaw Soe
3.BC 19404Brig-GenTin Swe
4.BC 19490Brig-GenTint Lwin
5.BC 20714Brig-GenAung Myo Than
6.BC 20808Brig-GenNay Myo Aung
7.BC 20834Brig-GenWin Ko Ko
8.BC 21334Brig-GenMyint Maung Oo
9.BC 22050Brig-GenNyi Nyi Zaw
10.BC 19378ColonelAung Kyaw Soe
11.BC 19729ColonelSoe Moe Aung
12.BC 20368ColonelThan Naing Win
13.BC 21109ColonelSaw Tun Aung
14.BC 21123ColonelKyaw Kyaw
15.BC 21658ColonelMyo Min Aung
16.BC 21934ColonelAung Kyaw Moe
17.BC 22621ColonelKhaing Min
18.BC 22666ColonelPhone Tint
19.BC 23055ColonelWin Zaw Oo
20.BC 23057ColonelAung Kyaw Tun
21.BC 23197ColonelThein Toe
22.BC 23742ColonelNay Lin Tun
23.BC 23802ColonelSein Win
24.BC 28293ColonelTin Maung Win
25.Air 1934ColonelKhin Myint
26.Air 2084ColonelAung Myo Kyaw
27.BC 23378Lt-ColNyan Shwe
28.BC 27466Lt-ColAung Tun Lin
29.BC 28292Lt-ColThant Swe
30.BC 31314Lt-ColMyo Tun Aung
31.BC 32763Lt-ColKyaw Kyaw Oo
32.BC 33447Lt-ColKyaw Thiha
33.BC 26876MajorYe Aung Saw
34.BC 27365MajorKyaw Soe Thant
35.BC 28733MajorWin Lwin Oo
36.BC 29866MajorTin Naing Oo
37.BC 23432MajorPyey Tun
38.BC 32577MajorZaw Win Oo
39.BC 32850MajorKyaw Soe Oo
40.BC 33152MajorThein Bo Bo Htwe
41.BC 33752MajorWin Min Thant
42.BC 39221MajorZaw Tun
43.BC 40653MajorKyaw Min Tun
44.BC 41097MajorMin Ye Tun
45.BC 41205MajorPhyo Wai Aung
46.BC 44419MajorKyaw Soe Win
47.BC 45454MajorWin Min Tun
48.Navy 4111Lt-CmdrKyaw Thura
49.Air 3305MajorThan Tun Oo
50.BC 54959CaptainWin Myint Than
51.BC 63098CaptainDaw Win Thiri Swe
52.BC 67491CaptainDaw Aye Thinzar Kyaw
53.N 850CaptainDaw Than Than Win
54.N 917CaptainDaw Mar Mar Myint
55.N 928CaptainDaw Thazin Hlaing
56.N 935CaptainDaw Khin Yadanar Hlaing

(Hla Thein)
Union Election Commission

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