Defence Services Personnel representatives announced for Pyithu Hluttaw


Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Union Election Commission
Notification 269/2020

1st Waning of Nadaw 1382ME
(30 December 2020)

The Union Election Commission, in accordance with the Section 31 of the Pyithu Hluttaw Election Law, has scrutinized and announced the following Pyithu Hluttaw representatives of Defence Services Personnel who were submitted by the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services, in line with Chapter 8 of the Pyithu Hluttaw Election Law in the third multiparty democracy general elections held on 8 November 2020.

Sr.Commission NoRankName
1.BC 18834Maj-GenAung Myo Tun
2.BC 19642Maj-GenThan Htut Thein
3.BC 17287Brig-GenWin Maung
4.BC 18162Brig-GenZaw Win
5.BC 18804Brig-GenKyaw San Linn
6.BC 18841Brig-GenTint Hsan
7.BC 18856Brig-GenTin San Naing
8.BC 19511Brig-GenYe Naing Myo
9.BC 19586Brig-GenMaung Maung
10.BC 20177Brig-GenWin Moe
11.BC 20299Brig-GenNay Win Aung
12.BC 20331Brig-GenThet Tun Aung
13.BC 21881Brig-GenTun Myat Shwe
14.Navy 1335CommodoreNay Win
15.Navy 1369CommodoreAung Zaw Hlaing
16.BC 18029ColonelAung Myint
17.BC 18701ColonelMyint Han
18.BC 18837ColonelMin Thaw
19.BC 19307ColonelKhin Maung Tun
20.BC 19368ColonelMin Oo
21.BC 19504ColonelNay Lin
22.BC 19528ColonelSoe Lwin
23.BC 20103ColonelTun Than Ohn
24.BC 20979ColonelAye Kyaw Lin
25.BC 21349ColonelKyaw Kyaw Min
26.BC 21662ColonelThan Hlaing
27.BC 22382ColonelHan Thu
28.BC 22435ColonelThan Naing
29.BC 23011ColonelKyaw Aung
30.BC 23089ColonelSaw Kyi Naing
31.BC 23706ColonelThet Tun
32.BC 23708ColonelAye Lwin
33.BC 23712ColonelAung Kyaw Myo
34.BC 25504ColonelDaw Soe Soe Myint
35.BC 19768Lt-ColThan Oo Lwin
36.BC 20193Lt-ColNyi Nyi Lwin
37.BC 21514Lt-ColSan Naing Oo
38.BC 21880Lt-ColThein Htut
39.BC 22648Lt-ColMoe Kyaw
40.BC 24230Lt-ColHla Naing
41.BC 24981Lt-ColThein Soe Tun
42.BC 25064Lt-ColKyaw Moe Aung
43.BC 25257Lt-ColMyo Htet Win
44.BC 26070Lt-ColDaw San Thida Khin
45.BC 26811Lt-ColZaw Myo Htet
46.BC 27059Lt-ColKyaw Zin Win
47.BC 28207Lt-ColZeyar Min
48.BC 28286Lt-ColZaw Min Oo
49.BC 28362Lt-ColNaing Min
50.BC 28380Lt-ColMin Kyi
51.BC 28388Lt-ColAung Kyaw Moe
52.BC 29040Lt-ColSai Eik Hla
53.BC 29372Lt-ColWin Myint Tun
54.BC 30538Lt-ColSai Ohn Myint
55.BC 31372Lt-ColTin Thaung Lin
56.BC 31376Lt-ColHtein Lin
57.BC 31644Lt-ColNay Lin Aung
58.BC 31714Lt-ColNay Lin Tun
59.BC 32280Lt-ColArker Soe
60.BC 32845Lt-ColThant Zin Tun
61.BC 33243Lt-ColWunna Tun
62.BC 33289Lt-ColNaing Lwin
63.BC 33320Lt-ColAung Naing Ko
64.BC 34892Lt-ColMoe Myint Aung
65.BC 34894Lt-ColHtin Lin Oo
66.Navy 3630CommanderKyaw Tun
67.Navy 3993CommanderThin Maung
68.BC 24079MajorNay Win
69.BC 24107MajorThurain Zaw
70.BC 25251MajorThein Tun
71.BC 25295MajorZaw Zaw Moe
72.BC 26204MajorYe Tun
73.BC 26257MajorZaw Win Naing
74.BC 27246MajorZin Lin
75.BC 29713MajorKyaw Min Han
76.BC 29791MajorTin Lin
77.BC 29821MajorSoe Tun
78.BC 30716MajorAung Myat Thwin
79.BC 30766MajorWin Naing Tun
80.BC 33500MajorZay Phyo
81.BC 33593MajorWin Min Tun
82.BC 34752MajorSaw Kyaw Aung
83.BC 36423MajorNaing Lin Aung
84.BC 37073MajorSoe Moe Lwin
85.BC 37077MajorZwe Nay Zaw
86.BC 37317MajorKyaw Ba Tun
87.BC 37463MajorLwin Maung Soe
88.BC 38564MajorTay Zar Phyo
89.BC 39566MajorThan Aung Soe
90.BC 39740MajorTun Tun Aung
91.BC 40789MajorZaw Min Soe
92.BC 41628MajorAung Pyae Phyo
93.BC 41900MajorAung Kyaw Myo
94.BC 42223MajorAung Khant Zaw
95.BC 43108MajorPyae Phyo Ko
96.Navy 3890Lt-CmdrTun Tun Lat
97.Navy 4367Lt-CmdrKyaw Thu Phyo
98.Air 2741MajorMoe Oo Kyaw
99.Air 3053MajorThein Lin Tun
100.Air 3297MajorHein Min Tun
101.N 537MajorDaw Aye Aye Mar
102.N 628MajorDaw Thu Zar Shwe
103.BC 63108CaptainDaw Theint Theingi
104.BC 67517CaptainDaw Khin Nyein Chan
105.N 827CaptainDaw Tin Mar Swe
106.N 925CaptainDaw Myint Myint Nwe
107.BC 67499CaptainDaw Ei Ei Tun
108.BC 70202CaptainDaw Ei Mon Hlaing
109.BC 71497CaptainDaw Hlaing Moe Thwel
110.BC 71526CaptainDaw Yuzana San Win

(Hla Thein)
Union Election Commission


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