Define politics based on various missions for all

If politics can be dubbed as a war, it is a similar act of using political techniques based on hostility to persuade those from the opposition into following the influence of a status.
The word politics can be defined into two kinds. One of the two emphasizes all activities of the people on a daily process relating to the national cause which is concerned with all walks of life. One definition of politics expresses the activities associated with the governance of a country or area, especially the debate between political parties grasping the State power.
In this regard, party politics is very busy with so many branches to tackle the problems such as applying various techniques to coerce the opposition parties to place their acts under pressure. Especially, the ruling party primarily handles propaganda and psychological warfare to be able to influence the opposition in all aspects.
The moves of propaganda are based on various attitudes, some of which are based on hostility and some of them focus on taking upper-hand positions, aimed to manipulate those from the opposition forces. Moreover, psychological warfare especially leads to strategic plans for the purpose of governing the country and cementing the position of the ruling party in addition to making preparation to fence the possible moves of armed forces or civil societies.
In party politics, any ruling party applies techniques to suppress the opposition forces not keep abreast of the government. In this regard, the ruling party may pose fear to their rivals to be weak in the opposition’s movements. On the other hand, the ruling party gives priority to serving the interests of the State and the people by creating a proper way for the development of the nation with posing pressure on other opposition forces not to destroy its political programmes.
As such, it can be said that the word politics depends on endeavours to influence rivals in the political arena, posing pressure on the opposition in the economic trend and handling the strategic preparations to emphasize diplomatic relations. The politics are similar to the military operations not because it kills anyone but because it eliminates all rivals.
The finalized mission of political war aims to change the attitudes of the oppositions and their functions in order to take an upper-hand position in the interests of a country without the need to deploy military power. In fact, the political war is a debate to make friends happy as well as rivals downhearted.

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