Democratic Party for a New Society presents policy, stance and work program

Chairman U Aung Moe Zaw .
Chairman U Aung Moe Zaw .
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Party logo.

Chairman U Aung Moe Zaw of Democratic Party for a New Society presented the party’s policy, stance and work program on radio and television on 17 September.
Following is a translation of the presentation:
Respected and esteemed people,
Mingalar Par.
First of all, allow me to extend our heartiest wishes to the people for peace, liberty and good livelihood without anxiety.
Our Democratic Party for New Society demands for peace, liberty and equality of Myanma society. For this, no matter what barriers and blockages were there, we have struggled and still struggling. Counting from the year 1988, our party initiated the 8888 democracy movement, which has entered its struggle for over 30 years. During these years, we have never missed a single day in our struggle for the independence of human society with equality and justice and development and peace.
Today, we can say that our society is heading with more chances towards liberty, equality, and justice. However, we need to continue to struggle much more. We firmly promise and pledge to carry on our struggle.
It is correct. Our society needs to be fully independent. We also need full equality and full justice. Only then, our people could enjoy peace with full satisfaction. Without fear and anxiety, people could engage in their livelihoods happily and work for the welfare of the family and the locality with a broader sense for the development of the country.
Today, people are hearing many disturbing news such as that of inequality in politics, economics and social matters in the context of not having a level playing field, losing in competition; that of inequality of wealth and opportunities between persons with power and the people with bare hands; that of discrimination over race, nationality, religion and gender; that of the deprivation of human dignity and human rights. Our party has noticed these unpleasant situations. We would make an effort in the fight against injustice and inequality hand in hand with the people. The reason why we competed in the general elections is that we would like to take up these unjust matters to parliaments where we could discuss in accordance with the democratic norm. We would raise questions in the Hluttaws. In other words, the voice of the grassroots people would be heard in the parliaments. That is exactly what we have intended.
Our people would be able to enjoy individual peace and security in our society only when we have full liberty, equality and justice. On the other hand, it would be a sort of paying gratitude to the leaders who fought for the independence of the country with their sweat and blood for the Union of Myanmar. We would like to make an assessment that the aspiration and wisdom of our independence fathers was to create a “land of equality and opportunities” in our society. It is due to this reason that we can see their wisdom and goodwill in our independence declaration and in our national anthem.
With a view to demonstrate pragmatic implementation of the aspiration of our independence fighters, we must work together with like-minded persons, political forces, and lawmakers including political parties in amending and making changes to the Constitution of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar 2008.
Today in our country we have many events that deserve admiration, praise and respect. It is in the context of individual security, liberty, equality, dignity, and in the long term, it is connected with the idea of building a “land of equality and opportunities”. Therefore, we need to fix and amend laws as well as cancel some laws. If our party is able to join the parliaments, we would firmly propose for the formation of unions and organizations, encourage freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of publishing, freedom of meeting, and rights to freedom of religion.
Our party believes that the general administration sector is to be reformed for expanding democracy and for providing more independent and liberal atmosphere for the people. It is therefore, we would demand in shifting over the General Administration Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs to the domain of the President, which is more politically pragmatic for the country.
Moreover, it is very important in serving the people with accountability by administrators, city development committee members, officers and staff members at various levels of ward/village, township, and district. Therefore, it is most advisable that they are to be chosen and appointed by the people through direct recruitment. We will also propose and demand for the direct election of Yangon mayor and Mandalay mayor.
Today, we need to pay more emphasis and attention on education, if we are desirous to see our society as practising equality and highly tolerant and peaceful in the long term. We need to invest in education with highest resources. Similarly, we need to take care of the kids and youth through highly funded investment. Our party believes in creating an education system with the motto of “education for all.” We want to spread and broaden the concept and notion that education is not only for the privileged, but to all citizens.
We fully endorse and support students’ league and national educational reform and movement of the students. At the same time, we support the basic concept on educational improvement and that of the country wide congress carried out by the National Network for Education Reform. Our party demands educational democracy where there is liberty, equality and self-determination. We would struggle for this goal.
Our people need to be healthy. Our society needs to be healthy. We would be able to work for the development of the country only when we are healthy. Our party believes that the access to health is also human rights. Irrespective of race, religion, social, and economy, each and every one is entitled to health care. We would try our best to supplement the budget for health care in the context of quality and quantity, the expansion of public health care, access to medical care by each and every citizen. We would also propose the project for the public health care and health insurance.
Our country is still an agricultural based country where majority of peasants and farmers reside. In this situation, food, clothing and shelter of the people entirely depend on land. Therefore, we need to pay more attention on agro-based economy and trade.
In our country, land reform tasks and process depends and covers all aspects, such as that of the land related laws, rights and protection of the cultivators, laws to elevate the interest of the farmers, and the policy of land utilization. These work plans have some defects and drawbacks. In the context of land policy, it is necessary to measure and gauge with human rights standards, the international norms, democracy criteria, self-determination standards, and the traditional ways. The land policy should be in line with documents related to international human rights agreements, international instruments, and other reputable documents being signed by the Myanmar government. The situation calls for the incorporation of cultivators’ rights in a document similar to the Constitution of 1947 to protect the farmers and to curb and control the land owners’ influence. We would endeavor to get the assurance and guarantee from the government for matters, such as that of the role of the workers, basic pay and salary, 8 hours work time, health care of the workers, social welfare, and pleasant work environment.
We would also try to amend the Workers’ Union Law. The rights of the workers would be protected with the provisions of the constitution.
During the time of our independence, government employees in Myanmar were comfortable in their livelihoods, leading peaceful and secure lives. At that time, the dignity and prestige of employees were high. We must work in getting back the status of the officers and staff members. Our party believes that we need to work for adequate and sufficient food, clothing and shelter for them. For that purpose, we have to fight and eradicate bribery and corruption. Moreover, the dignity and prestige of government employees would be elevated. The prestige of the employees is the value of the nation.
What I have just presented about the tasks and plans of the country are wide ranging and vast. Our party is just a small party and would be very difficult to implement such enormous tasks. It is not easy for us. It is meant to be worked together with democratic forces and elected political parties. This is only a by-election, and our party will compete for the Hluttaw slot from Myingyan Township, Mandalay Region. I would like to declare firmly that our representative would reflect the voice of the people in the parliament no matter how much barriers are there. At the same time, the candidate would compete from Myingyan, and therefore, our representative would serve with special care over the difficulties of Myingyan people. He would deal with the following matters.
(1) Regarding unnecessary tax by the city development committee; the over tax needs to be blocked.
(2) The tender application and auction sale should be more transparent by the township city development department.
(3) Among auction dealers and tender submitters, there are irregularities, and wrong doers are to be controlled.
(4) All the agreements signed with the township development department should be reviewed.
The following matters are to be reviewed as necessary.
(1) Auction system at the Pyaung Pyar Ferry should be cancelled and changed into a licenced system.
(2) Project to provide electricity in all the villages in Myingyan Township is to be implemented by 2028.
(3) Addressing and solving all existing land problems in the villages.
(4) Getting Form 7 for working rights on the lands and also getting regular cultivation loans from the agricultural bank.
(5) For adequate appointment of doctors and nurses at township hospital and sub-township hospital.
(6) For adequate appointment of teachers at village schools.
(7) Suppression and eradication of drug abuse and drug selling.
(8) Suppression and control of crimes and robbery.
(9) Proper handling and investigation over complaint letters.
(10) Budget allocations to departments in all the villages in the whole of the township should be taken care of and not to get into wastage.
To overcome these hurdles and barriers, the representative of our party would pay special care in solving the problems in accordance with the existing laws. In this regard, our party pledges to work on with firm conviction.
When the representatives of our party have been elected as lawmakers to the parliaments, the voices of the people would be heard in the Hluttaws. I would like to say firmly that our representative is competing for the seat at the Myingyan Hluttaw, and therefore, the voice would reflect the people of Myingyan.
I would like to ask you to vote for our party. If we are elected, we would serve not only the persons that voted for us, but also for those who protested us. We would work for all the Myingyan people. We would never accept discrimination. We endeavour to be the people’s party in treating persons, irrespective of their wealth, race, religion, and gender.
Our motto stands out as “People are our mother and people are our father”.
The slogan for the by-election of our party is “Cause of the people is the cause of DPNS”.
We pledge and promise that the voice of the people would be heard in the Hluttaws.
We wish all the people be free from fear and anxiety, and that they may have peace and liberty. We also wish for decent livelihoods. In conclusion, we wish all the best to you, and request you to vote for the Democratic Party for a New Society. Thank you.
Translated by UMT (HK)

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