Democratic Party for Myanmar New Society presents its policy, stance and work programmes

Democratic Party for Myanmar New Society Chairperson U Zin Aung presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 18 September.

Esteemed people
Democratic Party for Myanmar New Society was born from the 8888 Uprising and was at the forefront of democratic revolution during that time. We were unfairly labelled as an illegal organization by the State Law and Order Restoration Council after the 1990 election. Our remaining colleagues and we have continuously endeavoured for democracy in all forms and made numerous sacrifices.
We have participated in politics in the field, and as the remaining members of the 20 years of democratic struggle, our master strategy is:
1. To legally revive the Democratic Party for Myanmar New Society that we respect.
2. To allow our various colleagues abroad to return to the nation with dignity.
3. To free our colleagues who have been imprisoned for years and will enable them to participate in the democratic transition.
We formed our party with these objectives in mind in 2010. As a political party, we prioritize our goals, cause and progress over our results in the election.

Esteemed people
We were involved in the second struggle for freedom under the heading of democracy and human rights in 1988, and so the revolution has been a long journey. The more prolonged conflicts drag on, the more various hardships the nation and its people suffer. Politics is similar to fighting on the battlefield as we have to review our strategies. The first struggle for independence was driving out the British colonialists and fascist Japanese from our homeland, so it was easy enough. We changed our strategy as we pushed forward to implement democratic practices.
We have decided, as a political party, to grab the opportunity to try our best to make amendments un-der the 2008 Constitution, rather than the military administration, accordingly to a win-win theory.

Esteemed people
Societies in modern developed nations have social and livelihood security. They can live under fair laws, and there is mutual trust between different communities so that each citizen can live with dignity.
Societies in underdeveloped nations do not have livelihood security.
There is no equality of trust between their societies, and so the nation is bogged down in political conflict and stand as those seeking assistance on the global stage. The life of being dependent is the worst situation.
Politics is about deciding on a stance on political issues from history and finding solutions through responsible political opinions, action plans and methods.
We will not spend time trying to point out the people responsible for our political issues of poverty and underdevelopment. The best resolution after the careful review is genuine democracy.

Esteemed people
The Democratic Party for Myanmar New Society was formed to political oppose any sort of authoritarian system against democracy and instil equality and mutual trust between all societies in Myanmar.
Our party’s policies are for the emergence of a genuinely democratic system, coexistence between all societies based on equality, and the emergence of a society based on freedom and fairness.
The red background and white star is the symbol of our historic fascist revolution victory. By respecting and imitating the traditions of the historic moment and flag, our party has adopted a red flag with five white stars of the same size stacked equally in the upper right corner.

Esteemed people
The entire population does not want to worry about basic needs today. They want to live under accurate and fair laws. They want unique opportunities and rights. It is a reality that should exist in this period, and it requires genuine democracy for it to take place. Democracy is simply a system where citizens elected by other citizens are given the task to govern the rest of the citizens responsibly.
We are implementing democracy for the future, and that requires a balance between public participation and political leadership to face and overcome all challenges.

Esteemed people
Change is intrinsic to time. It tends to drag people who wish to stop time and cling to the past. Disappointment and pain can arise when that happens. When leaders of the nation implement guided democracy through a top-down approach but don’t take place in real-time, public participation automatically brings about change. We are mainly aiming to implement democracy so we will continually strive for balance with the public involvement in politics.
The democratic transition and peace process are two sides of the same coin and are both hopes for the people. We need parliaments and governments that respect and value the law that will lead us to this goal. There needs to be fairness in politics, business and social affairs.
We need to nurture the drive to oppose injustice and unfairness in students instead of punishing them in prison. We must amend the law that jails the employee for requesting increased wages and fundamental rights due to the rising cost of living and lets employers off the hook with a fine. It is the duty of the governments and Hluttaws striving for democracy.
We will prioritize the interest of the workers and farmers who are facing general challenges in our journey for the welfare of the nation and its people while viewing the people as equal partners. We will hold firm to freedom, equality and fairness and give priority to high-quality manufacturing machinery, high-end agricultural produce, and experts from diverse fields as our policies while having noble and capable people as our party’s primary policy.
We will comprehensively implement market-based economy. We will change the national economic system from basing on land and natural resources to a policy based on human resource. As we will be establishing human resources, we will give priority to capable professionals from the economic field. We will put an end to land and resource disagreements and armed conflicts to elevate human value and develop the national economy.
We will also prioritize quality in the industrial sector to increase production quantity as our policy.
Farmers who till the soil should be the owners of the farmland and policies to reduce production costs of crops and increase production rate should be implemented. We must protect monopolization and profiting off of foreign and domestic markets and establish a bank system with collective ownership by farmers to achieve this goal. We must recognize farmer unions and organizations as legal entities and partners.
We must implement a well-rounded education system that combines theory and practice. The education system must be equipped with all necessary teaching apparatuses and cultivate experts and professionals with practical experience. Since it will be an all-rounded education, we must get rid of policies that place restrictions, approve the legal formation of student councils, and enact a compulsory and free education system.
Everyone, who has passed the age of 18, should have the opportunity to take on the tasks of the party according to their level or expertise regardless of age.

Esteemed people
We request you to give as the duty to be the opposition that stands for the people and carry out politics for the people in the Hluttaw amid any government that takes office. We pledge to take full responsibility and accountability.

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