Democratic Party (Myanmar) presents its policy, stance and work programmes

Democratic Party (Myanmar) Secretary General Daw Than Than Nu presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 9 September.

Dear esteemed people and national brethren,
We established our Democratic Party (Myanmar) just a decade ago. However, we have been working for all ‘to be a human being with dignity’ since the onset of our establishment. It is our party’s main objective.
It is an essential and vital fact that we should develop human resources because every nation composes its citizens, who are all human beings. Striving to create human resources means developing all ‘to be a human being with dignity’.
What we can define ‘to be a human being with dignity’: the government must carry healthcare services for the people since their infancy; rather than saying infants, the pregnant mothers need to have healthcare services. To implement this fact effectively, not only there have been modernized maternity, children, and general hospitals in cities but we do need to have good clinics, skilled midwives, adequate medicines and medical equipment in villages as well. There should be a general medical doctor at least at one district hospital. Health combines with education when the infants grow up to the youths.
‘Today’s young people will become adults in the future’. The future of our nation Myanmar is at the hands of today’s youths, likewise. That is why young people should develop themselves with five noble strengths: (1) physical power, (2) mental capacity, (3) wealth, (4) friendship and (5) moral character.
According to the 2008 Constitution article 33, the Union shall strive for the youths to have healthy and dynamic patriotic spirit, the correct way of thinking and to develop the five noble strengths. The future generation should be able to learn to respect the constitution, take responsibility and perform duty in tune with the legislation. We should emphasize this fact as a part of the ‘to-be-a-human-being-with-dignity’ principle. In another way, we should diligently nurture and foster them to get themselves equipped with citizenship and patriotic spirit, and thereby they shall strive for the development of their country to their best of ability. It’s also part of the ‘to-be-a-human-being-with-dignity’ principle.
I’ve read and noted the words of a veteran leader just after regaining independence of Myanmar in 1948. When Myanmar resisted British colonists, almost all political leaders at that time used to say that ‘Myanmar people would be rich if it’s free from under the yoke of English’. It’s a significant point. Later after regaining independence, the people were asking again whether they would enjoy riches.
Now, it’s approaching to 2020 General Election. Each party is campaigning for the election. In this regard, the Democratic Party (Myanmar) does not need to ask what the people need at the foremost for we are consistently considering upon the people. At the same time, as the State’s responsibility is as large as the entire nation and should cover the equal rights of its people, we do not wish to make any promise easily.
The people from all walks of life should ask which responsibility they, as good citizens, shall carry. The answer is crystal clear. An essential duty amongst others is just what they can perform to safeguard and protect the unity of all national races from disintegration.
We can say that Myanmar is rich with natural resources as well as magnificent in human resources. You are aware that some countries may not have much wealth in natural and human resources; however, with the unity of all national races they can also stand abreast with world nations.
We need to take into an appropriately proportional account of time, place, and act of causing for a decision. We Myanmar people are in current and dire need of cooperation and unity. An emblem of our Democratic Party (Myanmar) means a lot. A dancing peacock denotes all the people in Myanmar dancing in gusto. Myanmar also envisions independence, justice, development, and happiness. The same-sized 14 stars encircle the dancing peacock representing 14 states and regions with equal rights. The green dancing peacock and 14 red stars in the backdrop of gold colour visualize richness and wealth in above and underground natural resources.
Democratic Party (Myanmar) will march forward with the following objectives:
1) Citizens of the Union of Myanmar shall enjoy disciplined and equal rights based on democracy;
2) Building a united nation full of peace and tranquillity;
3) Looking forward to seeing a serene Union based on national unity and reconciliation.
That is why the Democratic Party (Myanmar) choose candidates based on honesty and good-nature. The late Abbot Ashin Zanakabhivamsa of Amarapura Mahagandayon Monastery selected the monks, who were going to learn, based on ten principles.
He prioritized number one (being good-natured) out of ten. If anyone is good-natured even though they may have weaknesses, they can behave themselves without anger nor arrogance; They can become matured respectful citizens; They can be able to work for others efficiently. I would like to earnestly request all to vote. I wish physical and mental wellbeing for all!

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