Democratic Party (Myanmar) presents their policies, philosophy and programs

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U Tint Swe of Democratic Party (Myanmar).

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Vice Chairman U Tin Swe of the Democratic Party (Myanmar) presented the policies, philosophy and programs on 30 January on Radio and TV.
The complete text of his presentation is as follows:

Respected citizens,
I wish you all Mingalabar from here,
This coming April 1, they will be conducting the By-elections of the Second Hluttaw. The Democratic Party (Myanmar) will contest in 4 vacant seats of the Yangon Region Hluttaw.
Those who believe in multi-party democracy have to go through elections. In this instance, elections are very important. Those who wish to elevate the democratic system need to change the current electoral system. The two systems that are popular in this world are “winner takes all” system and the “proportionate representation” system. As electoral systems differ, political compatibility and political development are not the same. Democratic standards are also different.
Today there are more than 90 political parties. All the leaders who are founders of political parties have all come in with good philosophies, very astute and sharp outlooks and different qualities. No leader comes with two heads. They also do not come with extra brains.
We can get good solutions only through collective leadership and collective search for problems.
Just by changing the election system, good and different new forces can emerge for the benefit of Myanmar as every political party has different ideologies and people with mature experiences. A new political culture will also emerge.
The position and view of our political party on the Constitution is that none of the constitutions in the world can foresee the future. Therefore our policy is to use, amend and delete.
The policy of our party is as follows: if we have to choose between our individual and party interest, we will choose the party’s interest and the country’s interest, give priority to the party’s interest. If we have to choose between the national interest and the party’s interest, we will choose the national interest. In accordance with this policy, when we study the Constitution, we will put the national interest ahead of party interest and we will use, amend and delete. Even the constitution of the United States which is regarded by many as model has gone through (27) amendments.
Economy: Our economic policy is a policy with four legs. Our leaders who gave us Myanmar’s Independence worked with collective leadership during the Second World War, when the flames of civil war were engulfing the country and when law and order was weak. They worked with local entrepreneurs and economic experts by giving them high regard. Because of this, in South East Asia, even countries like Thailand and Singapore looked to us as a model.
There is a saying, “success has a thousand fathers while failure is a lonely orphan”.
As the saying goes, “The strength of the country lies within the country”. We will therefore work in consultation with local entrepreneurs and economic experts and give them encouragement.
As the world’s economic power has been shifting from West to East, we can regain our position as the top country in Asean if we can position our country strategically on the trade route.
Health and Education: Our policy is to ensure that all citizens who have come of age should get the opportunity to study; to be able to study the subject of your interest; to give priority for the establishment of agricultural
and animal husbandry high schools and technical high schools in all 14 States and Divisions; to raise the population growth rate; and to reduce the infant mortality rate.
Social welfare: to set up a fund for those families with four children or more for their health and educational needs. To help senior citizens, those who are helpless and homeless and handicapped people an opportunity to get work.
Workers and Farmers: According to the policy which says “farmers should have
ownership of their farmlands”,
to make sure that land disputes are given judgements in time
before it becomes too late, the government to set the price of agricultural products, and to draw up programs for the purchase of these products. In addition, to draw up programs for farmers to study and exchange views about regional development.
Our views regarding Peace: We cannot put out the flames of war which has burnt for over 60 years with one stroke. At the Peace Conference (21 Century Panglong), we are sure to succeed if during our negotiations, we are able to give priority to the views of the other side and put our own views in the background. While good luck is on the side of Myanmar, we pray that all concerned parties have good intellectual capacities. During the negotiations, if they put their brains in front instead of their hearts, we believe that the future of Myanmar will shine like the rising sun. In truth, we are all citizens of Myanmar. We should not forget that.
Respected citizens of Myanmar, in conclusion, I wish to say that the political arena which is the Hluttaw, is actually for politicians who are Hluttaw representatives. Therefore, I wish to request Myanmar citizens to look at the party but to choose only the true politicians and vote for them. I conclude my speech with this request. I thank all of you.

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