Democratic Party of National Politics presents its policy, stance and work programmes

Esteemed people
I am Chairman Thayay Sithu U Soe Maung of the Democratic Party of National Politics. I understand the feeling of people living in rural areas and ethnic people. I have experiences in military and administration. I took efforts to make military personnel (the Army, the Navy and the Air Force) more disciplined. I delivered lectures about military laws, civil laws and international laws to military personnel. Following the slogan “Keeping discipline is a pillar of Tatmadaw”, I took necessary actions. I was a leader of the legal advisory board of the previous government in the post-2007 era. I could help the then government to prevent three military vessels of three powerful foreign nations from entering Myanmar’s maritime territory, by using the R2P scheme, which intended to interfere in Myanmar’s matters related to Cyclone Nargis. I served as the leader of farmers delegation in the National Convention to draft the 2008 Constitution.
I worked as the Union Minister for the Ministry of President’s Office (2) under the first government of this parliamentary era. At that time, I received more than 40,000 complaint letters, appeal letters and suggestion letters within the five years, and I could resolve about 30,000 cases. I also have experiences in managing township and district-level departments while I was working as a low-ranking and middle-ranking officer. In the past, at the President’s Office, I took significant roles in international collaboration and matters related to local management.
Alongside officials from Ministerial Offices, I answered asterisked questions and non-asterisked questions raised in the parliament, and I also responded to motions, including essential motions. In response to their inquiries, we made the necessary pledges in the parliament and implemented the commitments. I led in decision-making processes in those departments, so I know the strengths and weaknesses of both military and civil sectors. Based on my experiences, I reviewed the situations in our country. I then formed the Democratic Party of National Politics for the development of democracy, which all the citizens want, and a free market system in accordance with people’s wishes. “National Politics” means that we will work hard for national interests. It is for the benefits of all the citizens. “Democratic” means freedom, justice, equality, and diversity; the essence of democracy is that minorities need to accept the decisions of majorities while majorities need to respect the rights and opinions of minorities, and it also gives high priority to the benefits of each citizen.
Esteemed people
If we explore what the wishes of our 135 national ethnic groups are, we will see that we, together with our families, want to travel securely at any time. Our citizens want to live safely with our family members, work safely, and secure our livelihoods. Our citizens want a fair justice system. We don’t want to let anyone bully each other. We, the citizens, want to enjoy an affordable healthcare system, reasonable commodity prices, development of agriculture, enough clean water, and enough electricity. When we, the citizens, make our livings as sellers, we don’t want to suffer financial losses. We want fair prices for our products. Our citizens want to make donations and give the children an excellent education. We want school fees to be affordable. We want mental and physical security. We want to eradicate illegal drugs, thefts, and robberies. We don’t want bomb explosions, threats, blackmails, coercions. We don’t want rapes: both child rapes and adult rapes. We don’t wish for human trafficking. When we become old, we want to live peacefully at monasteries and religious places.
We want good governance and clean government. Our citizens want our country to have great dignity, unity and power. We formed the Democratic Party of National Politics in order to fulfil those wishes. Genuine democracy cannot be developed among uneducated and poor people, so we will use a policy that says the National Economy is the first priority so that the business situations of individuals and households will improve. To promote education and knowledge of the citizens, including children, we set a policy that reflects National Education is significant. We develop an approach that reflects National Unity is substantial and will use dialogue and negotiations to peacefully resolve armed conflicts, which were sparked by difficulties making adequate livelihoods and poor education.
All the Myanmar citizens, who were born in Myanmar, need to understand the critical situations and circumstances of the country. It is a historical duty for all Myanmar citizens, all generations, to understand national politics and implement it. So I would like to remind all citizens not to betray national interests. Our party is determined to adhere to that fact.
Esteemed people
Our party is formed to revive the businesses of individuals and households. We will focus on the private sector and help small and medium enterprises. We will issue the necessary permits to large enterprises. We will promote financial businesses, and we will help local and foreign banks operate smoothly. We will make efforts to generate more electricity and improve road communications. We will make several economic reforms — modernizing laws, by-laws and business procedures; privatization; establishing business corporations; setting up joint ventures owned by government entities and private companies; quickly forming semi-government agencies to promote businesses.
Our party will also take systematic efforts for the development of railway services and post office business, which will be supported by the state. For individuals and organizations who have capitals but lack technology, we will provide technical assistance. For individuals and organizations that have required technology but lack capitals, we will provide financial aid. We will put in a great deal of effort to provide enough water for drinking, daily uses and agriculture. We will provide necessary inputs for agriculture and livestock businesses. We will carry out research and projects for the development of science and technology. We will have to work hard so that our country’s products can compete with products of foreign countries in quality and prices.
In education, our policy will focus on the development of thinking skills, and we will have to create the optimum balance between theories of subjects and practice. Our party will encourage sports and activities of growing crops for the physical development of students. Theravada Buddhism is our country’s most widely-observed religion, so we will make students, from their childhood, learn and understand citizen ethics. We will focus on improving students’ skills at the history of Myanmar, mathematics and English language. Students will have to learn the basics of languages of neighbouring countries. All university students must learn political science, geopolitics, international relations and Information Technology. Outstanding students will be sent to developed countries to extend their academic and vocational education. We will make efforts for young people to work in jobs that match their skills.
Our party will try to reduce the prices of fuel, telecommunications, phone taxes and other taxes. We will exert efforts to make commodity prices stable and affordable. We will promote a free market system. We will preserve languages, literature, culture and traditions of our country. We will maintain the natural environment, and make thorough preparations for possible natural disasters. We will work hard to conserve rivers, streams, lakes and dams. We will try to increase the proportion of health workers per population and reduce healthcare costs.
Our party will increase education and health budgets. We will encourage traditional-medical education. We will provide retirement benefits for those who were retired from their military and civil positions. We will promote the capacities of the Fire Services Department, the Myanmar Police Force and Tatmadaw (Army, Navy and Air Force). We will systematically promote literature, traditional Thabin, art, music and film industries of Myanmar. Ten-House Group Elder must be chosen fairly and systematically. We will make efforts to reform administrations of regions/states, wards and villages to make the administrations accurate and useful.
We will make the judicial sector’s stakeholders — police, legal offices, lawyers and judges¬ — to be ethical. We will take actions against brokers for court cases. No one must be above the law. There must be equality before the law. We will curb bribery and corruption. We will work hard for farmers and peasants to be free from debt, and they will afford to make donations. Workers and civil servants must earn an adequate livelihood. We will make efforts to improve the standard of living of the grassroots. We will arrange accommodation for homeless people, create appropriate jobs for jobless people, including the disabled. We will also try to change the lives of beggars. We will set policies to support children, pregnant women and older adults. We will protect other religions too. As for international relations, we will adhere to the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence and participate in making world peace.
Esteemed people
The background colour of our party’s flag is golden. There are three layers of circles, which are yellow, green and red. Inside the innermost circle, there is a white star and a golden map of Myanmar, which means the entire country, will achieve glory. In the upcoming General Election, each citizen will have to vote for the candidates who can incorporate in the three estates_ executive, legislative, and judiciary to make the country stable, peaceful, developed and democratic.
Regarding the executive, if you want to get good governance and a clean government, you need to vote for suitable candidates who will work hard for the benefits of the country and the citizens. All need to be aware that an official of whether a large party or a small party will be elected as a high-quality leader of the country (President of Myanmar). It is the paramount duty of MPs to analyze the required qualifications, mentioned in the Constitution, for becoming a President, and Vice Presidents, and then the MPs need to select the right persons for these top positions.
I want to stress that we need to make political, economic and administrative reforms to bring our country onto a democratic path. If we get the rights to make the reforms, we will implement them. I want to raise questions that if we do not make reforms at the time like this, when will we do? If we do not make it, who will do it?
In conclusion, I would like to urge all 135 national, ethnic groups of our country to implement the slogan “The power of a country lies in its people” by supporting our party, which comprises those who are determined to make brave sacrifices for national interests. Alongside our party, if all collaborate in unity, I believe that we will achieve a new glorious golden country, which has been much longed for. Thanks.

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