Democratic politics and the role of Hluttaws

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The concepts of constructive thoughts, words and actions have deep meaning in the world of democratic institutions.
The modern world is using the word ‘democratic politics’ but the truth is politics was not customarily promoted under authoritarian regimes. Indeed, they were submerged, suffocated, and subdued with the use of oppressive and sometimes deadly force. True politics is when there are mechanisms and infrastructure in place that allow the people to elect politicians who will represent them and take responsibility for their welfare. As such, since this system bases itself on the will of the people, the political landscape will be diverse and inclusive only if democracy is allowed to thrive.
In the politics of a democratic system, the representatives of the people are elected from candidates who receive the majority of votes and public support. The parliament (Hluttaw) composed of these representatives play the most important and prominent role in the nation, in addition to being the most accountable pillar of democracy. After all, isn’t it the Hluttaw that mainly organizes the presidency and the executive pillar?
This is why the people’s representatives, who have also become Members of Parliament (MPs), are entrusted with the most vital and prominent responsibilities to the people of the nation.
Now that we have explained the significance of being an MP, and the heavy duties and consequences that come with it, it should be clear that the prospective MP should be mindful of their thoughts, words and actions and steer them towards constructive efforts lest they be branded ill-mannered.
To be suitable for assuming these responsibilities, every politician needs to put his or her self-interest last and the collective benefit of the people first. Furthermore, they must be ever alert to the voice of the people, understand what their needs and wishes are, and how to best fulfill them. You cannot be a good representative for the people if you are clueless as to how to solve their problems and needs.
Likewise, no matter how skilled a politician may be, they need to earn the trust of the people and be assigned the task of representing them through their own volition. You cannot be a good representative without the support of the very people you choose to represent.
Every nation needs capable and trustworthy MPs to represent the people but it is our belief that our nation needs them now more than ever. MPs sitting in the Hluttaws need to acquire the foresight and wisdom to look to the benefits of the constituents who elected them in tandem with the benefit of the entire country.
We urge MPs and politicians alike not to shut their eyes and assume that their own ideas and notions are correct. We believe MPs must learn to understand the different perspectives of others and strive to implement decisions that will support and flourish the socioeconomic benefits of the country and its people.

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