Demolition of ancient Shan Wall by TNLA sparks local concerns: RCSS reports

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The 1,000-year-old Shan historic wall in Seilant bulldozed by Ta’ang National Liberation Army: Aftermath revealed.

The RCSS said in a statement that the destruction of the over 1,000-year-old Shan historic wall in Seilant by the TNLA caused local concerns.
The wall was demolished on 7 August and the people felt resentment towards such doing, the statement said.
The historic wall was built during Shan Saopha Sao Say Khan Pha’s reign and is located in Seilant village of Muse Township. No one should destroy the historic cultural heritages of certain national races as the respective national races value and preserve their history, culture and heritage, it said.
The RCSS signed NCA with the government, Tatmadaw, Hluttaw and EAOs and the United Nations, European Union, China, India, Thailand and Japan signed as international witnesses to NCA, and it still adheres to the NCA to date.
Although it intends to transform the administrative system of the country through the peace processes of NCA, the NCA processes are unable to move forward due to the compromising issues, it added.
It also urged to hold talks as the Federal Democracy Union can be established through the dialogues.
The young Seilant residents launched a protest against the abolishing of the historic wall at the scene on 8 August.
Similarly, the SSPP/SSA released a statement strongly condemning the TNLA/PSLF for their demolition of the historical site in the city ruled by Shan Saophas using bulldozers on 12 August. — MNA/KTZH

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