Deputy Minister for Religious Affairs and Culture inspects MraukU cultural heritage site

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Deputy Minister U Tun Ohn views ancient objects at MraukU Cultural Heritage Site in MraukU of Rakhine State on 19 March.

Deputy Minister U Tun Ohn for Religious Affairs and Culture, accompanied by the Rakhine State Minister for Transport, arrived at Mrauk U cultural heritage site on 19 March 2022 and inspected Anandacandra stone inscription post engraved on the Shitthaung pagoda archway at MraukU cultural heritage site.
It’s recognized as Asia Pacific heritage and it is designated for inclusion of World Heritage listing. This being so, the deputy minister instructed the officials to conduct systematic assessment for maintenance and describe the historical information of Anandacandra stone inscription to raise awareness among the people.
Next, the deputy minister came to Shitthaung pagoda and instructed the officials to work together with Myanmar Engineering Society to repair rainwater leaks and restore them.
After that, they went to Antawthein Temple, Laungbunpyauk Pagoda, Cheinkaik Pitakat Chamber and Htukkanthein Temple. MraukU is the National Cultural Heritage Site and it has been proposed to be enlisted on World Heritage Sites. The Deputy minister directed them to maintain its cultural value, preserve historical building to have original appearance, not to have squatting, preserve religious buildings in accordance with the recommendation, rules and standards of the Sangha committees, raise awareness of cultural heritage site for local community and make systematic maintenance approach in restoring the site without changing its original state and carry out systematic assessment for construction of the new ones.—MNA

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