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Develop both internal and external defensive powers to prevent Coronavirus

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Development of a vaccine is still an unfulfilled dream for all the global people. Different people in different regions of the world have different ideas and practices to overcome COVID-19 in the aspect of healthcare. Some administrations are also using the pandemic as a political tool, causing controversies among the scientists and policymakers. In such situations, common people need to focus on official healthcare advice.
While the global scientists are striving for production of a COVID-19 vaccine, what ordinary people can do their best is to adopt self-imposed measures so we would not have to confront the colossal wave of pandemic.
Scientists have pointed out that ‘immunity’ is very crucial for facing against many diseases, including the Coronavirus disease. In common terms, immunity is the internal defensive power of all human beings. It can be developed by having a healthy diet as well as getting enough sleep and relaxation, while some persons need to take a certain amount of vitamins.
With regard to external defensive power, we must comply with hygienic practices such as handwashing, mask-wearing and social distancing. These are crucial for limiting the spread of COVID-19. Researchers have found that self-imposed actions like wearing a mask can have a major impact on preventing the spread of this disease.
These scientists said that in a country if the population whole took self-imposed measures, a serious outbreak of the pandemic could be prevented.
Compliance with the protective guidelines would be a cheap solution to address the pandemic and not to have severe impacts on the socio-economic fabric as much as lockdown does.
Healthcare experts have regarded that hand-washing and mouth covering is the practising of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) that can help limit the transmission of the pandemic.
The practices in NPIs include measures other than vaccines and antiviral treatment, which can be adopted at the individual level or the community level. The former include frequent handwashing with soap, using alcohol-based hand sanitizers, covering sneezes/coughs and wearing a mask, while the latter involves matters such as closing schools, work from home or restricting public gatherings.
Many countries have stated that these practices are crucial for control of the disease and to ensure that it does not spread from one person to another.
Therefore, we all need to develop both internal and external defensive powers to fight against the Coronavirus disease that has posed serious impacts and caused great losses for the world.

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