Development Plans Are Underway, Subject To Our Conscientious Contribution

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • Since we set out for a journey, our ultimate desire is to reach our destination. On the way we may find many difficulties, sometimes severe and sometimes light ones. Whatever it is, we are to move on our destinations. Yet, there are some who go back to their origins desperately, yielding to difficulties and hardships encountered in the journey. Perhaps he may say that he has been satisfied with arriving back home safely, without any harms. His thought may be right partially. Yet, he seems to neglect the fact that he may have pleasure, benefits and gains from a journey. By his inborn rights, he can decide by himself to do something or not to do it, if he can forgo fruits of the journey, knowingly that it will surely result in very well. Here, let us think about another example. Assuming that alien aggressive intruders are entering our territory to harm our sovereignty, soldiers must set out for frontier areas on a military operation, knowingly that battles are dangerous. He has no alternative but to go to face enemies. To our great joy and happiness, we see our victorious army return home. A soldier or his closest friends may be killed or amputated in battles. But they can make us live in peace in the country. For a soldier, going to frontier areas is a peremptory journey.
    Now, we have had a peremptory journey to our destination—A Federal Democratic Union. Since the time of gaining Independence, we did not savor the taste of Independence yet, to the full. Like other independent countries, we did not yet reach a state of developed country. Our people are still living in poor condition. Many are still unemployed. Our country needs many FDIs (Foreign Direct Investments) so that we can build many factories for creating jobs for enormous amounts of the unemployed. We will yet try to open schools and make school-age children enter classrooms. Failing that, it will be like we are wasting potential powers of minors who are now in the working forces that cannot guarantee their future. What it worse, they can go astray if their rehabilitation plans go uncared. Who dare deny they may become precious jewels for the country provided that we pay attention to children. Now, our State Leaders are trying to develop children, their characters, their intellect and visions by celebrating Aesthetic Literary Festivals, Children Literary Festivals, and etc,.
    For our younger generation including children on roads & working places, displaced children from conflicted areas to attain opportunities we failed to take, we all are responsible. Here, we include the government itself, the Tatmadawmen, personnel from government services, working people, teachers and parents, to sum it up, the whole populace from all walks of life. Now, our country is marching towards a modernized and developed federal democratic union under the leadership of our chosen government. As known by all, our government has been implementing a lot of prospective planning for the nation-building transparently, for now and future. Development plans are under way, subject to our contribution. Don’t be reluctant so that we can have our names written as unsung heroes in building our prosperous nation!
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