Devotees of Buddhism throng religious places in capital city

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Famous pagodas and monasteries in Nay Pyi Taw were packed with pious people doing meritorious deeds on Thursday, the Full Moon Day of Tanzaungmone, a significant religious day for Buddhists.
Devotees offered flowers, water, lights and foods at religious edifices, with communities holding collective Kathina Robes festivals at Buddhist monasteries.
Food charities and entertainment programmes took place in every part of the capital city.
In the morning, pious people donned golden lotus robes on Jade Buddha Images in the cave of the Uppatathanti Pagoda in the morning, followed by reciting Pathanna nonstop and offering a decent luncheon to Buddhist monks at the pagoda.
In the evening at the pagoda, religious people said prayers, recited religious protection verses called parittas in Pali, sat in meditation, and served visitors with refreshments.
Kathina Robes festivals are observed nationwide on a grand scale every year, filling beholders with enjoyment and excitement.

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