Discipline Vs Democracy


Discipline and Democracy are interdependent. Unless people are well-disciplined, a country cannot `build a democratic state. Democracy cannot flourish without prevalence of law and order as well as discipline. Democracy is based on the capability of public and leadership. Discipline leads people and elected- government to reach the goal of genuine democracy. People and elected-government have to work together in unison for social and economic development democratically. If we embrace democracy, we must discipline ourselves as a first drive. We need to strictly abide by the democratic norms and  obey the disciplines of our society .To democratize the administrative machinery and organization, not only the democrats but also the people concerned must participate in the reform tasks. The knowledge about democratization must be shared among the people. The educators must teach democracy as a compulsory subject to students of all levels so that they can acquire knowledge of democratization. Otherwise, the would –be educated persons or graduates from universities do not know how to exercise democratic norms and standards properly. Theoretical knowledge and practical experience are just like an engine driver and a locomotive to reach the desired destination. As we all know, the term ;( Greek term:  demokratia, from demos + kratia -cracy) Democracy and its derivations are already embedded in the minds of global people nowadays.  Actually, it is neither a twenty-first century ideology nor a brand new ideology. It has origin in Greece many years ago, but it is still fresh and contributory to political- ideology for all communities and nations in building up socio-economic development in an effective and efficient manner.
Everyone would like to see the fruitful results of the democracy. If people want their country to be ruled by democracy, they have to adhere to the norms and standards of democracy which emphases discipline.  The government and the entire people are obliged to obey the discipline. In other words, everyone must learn to be well-disciplined in order to become good citizens and to promote good image of their nation in the world.  In fact the discipline is a yardstick to assess the people’s value. Regarding discipline, there is a motto; ‘Discipline is taught as the fundamental – human- decency from school classrooms’ in our society. Basically, schools cultivate the citizens to become disciplined persons. The Buddhist Monastic education also teaches the students how to do and behave in a disciplined manner. It is undeniable that parents, teachers and Buddhist monks are those who administer the discipline in Myanmar society.  In addition, there are many proverbs and sayings pertaining to the values of discipline for man. In fact these Myanmar proverbs and sayings are guidelines for the people to succeed in life- struggle properly.
The acts of disobeying the rules, regulations and discipline cause hindrances to the democratization process. Discipline makes a person valuable in his or her society enabling him to become a decent person. If a society lacks discipline, mayhem occurs in it consequently. Strict discipline must be imposed on all the citizens in a country so that it can prevent the out break of chaos. As for an example, Singapore has strict discipline on littering __ the litter louts or litter bugs are heavily fined. This being so, Singapore has a good reputation for its strict disciplines on civic duty and littering. Since Singapore is a cosmopolitan city, citizens as well as foreigners are obliged to obey the prescribed regulations. In fact, each and every nation should be like Singapore. Such good behaviour should be imitated by all societies in the world.
The rights and responsibilities should go together in a democratic society. The disciplined- flourishing democracy can be realized only by the disciplined citizens. Now, Myanmar is implementing the democratization process. So people are needed to co-operate with the government to achieve success in this reform process by adhering to discipline. All citizens must participate in moving forward Myanmar to reach a democratic state. In this function, we are being with to challenges to build a democratic state. Unless discipline is not abided by the people and government, it will be very hard to reach the goal of democracy. We can see that the citizens in the most developed countries strictly adhere to discipline. They obviously show their disciplined manner in dealing with people. Naturally, we, humans honour and respect well-disciplined persons whereas we tend to condemn those who are uncivilized, impolite and rude in manner and behavior.
It seems not very difficult to follow the discipline if the people can appreciate the value of discipline, knowing that disciplined people can promote their country’s image among world’s nations. If a country stands firmly as a democratic state  and its people are well-disciplined , this country will surely develop and prosper.  We can say that discipline is vitally important to enable the democratic practices to flourish.

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