Diversity does not mean division

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There is a widespread assumption that fear is a hard-wired response when people experience close encounters with something fiendish. It is normal to fear the unknown and quiver with indignation. Even educated people are found to commit crime in fury at their own stupidity. This highlights that education is one thing and stupidity is another.
People are inclined to turn to religion when faced with difficulty beyond their control. There is ample evidence that religion effects morality. It is, therefore, absolutely imperative to develop moral instincts through religious faiths. No religion incites hatred against other faiths. All religions maintain their focus on the virtues of love, kindness and generosity. The primary principle of every religion is to bolster the courage to build self-esteem in the hearts of its followers.
From the Buddhist point of view, insanity exists at all levels of society. Therefore, the onus is on all of us to put the break on our lunacy in order to better understand the true essence of religious teachings and moral principles. Only then will we be able to avoid ill consequences of our own misbehaviour. It should be noted that unity in diversity is a matter of the utmost importance in a complex societal structure and cultural context.
The Buddha advised human beings to fear committing wrongdoings and uphold justice, freedom and equality so that societies of different religions can all live together in peace and harmony with each other. The point is that diversity does not necessarily mean division.

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