Do and Deliver


Old saying    :     Do or Die!
Swim or Sink!
New saying    :    Do and Deliver!
Swim and Win!
It is said that:    Life is a struggle.
Life is a fight.
Life is a journey.
To live is to fight, to suffer and to love.
Actions are ours; consequences belong
to heaven.
You reap what you sow.
All these sayings emphasize and highlight the importance of deed, action, performance. The point is to get the desired results. Let’s now explore the meanings of “Do and Deliver” in the following manner:
D    for    Dare to struggle & dare to win
O    for    Objectives
D    for    Dedication
E    for    Excelling
L    for    Learning
I    for    Innovation
V    for    Values
E    for    Exceeding Expectations
R    for    Results
Deliver, here, means: Do something you should do. To do or provide the things you are expected to, because you are responsible for them, or they are part of your job. e.g. Local councils are responsible to deliver most basic services. DELIVER THE GOODS: (=do or provide what you are expected to). e.g. They make all kinds of promises before the election, but have since failed to deliver the goods. To deliver on a promise (=to do what you promised to do.)
Many people are faint-hearted and are full of fears. They are afraid to take risk, to adventure or to plunge into the unknown. Some people are timid, hesitant, indecisive and ambivalent. Some people harbour doubt, scepticism, disbelief, very conservative ideas or reactionary notions. So, it is very important for those who want to do and to deliver to:
•    Dare to struggle and dare to win,
•    Dare to scale the heights!
•    Be resolute, fear no sacrifice and surmount all dif-
ficulties to win victory.
•    Think the most, feel the noblest and act the best
It is said that:     “The test of a man is
he fight he makes, and
the grit that he daily shows.”
So, it is important to:
Dare nobly
Will strongly, and
Never falter in the path of duty.
v    OBJECTIVE means: (1) An aim that you are trying to achieve, especially in business or politics: e.g. The main objective of this policy is to reduce unemployment. (2) A place that your are trying to reach, especially in a military attack. e.g. The valley was our primary objective.
There is a style of management called Management By Objectives—MOB in short. Without an objective or a goal, you will be like groping in the darkness, or you will be like going on a journey without a clear and definite destination. In business, in war and in politics, if there is no objective, there can be no strategy. No strategy means no definite, clear-cut Plan of Action.
Dedication means hard work or effort that someone puts into a particular activity because they care about it a lot. e.g. the success of the festival is a tribute to the dedication of one man. Single-minded dedication to her art. If you are dedicated to something, you go all-out for it, aiming high and giving all you have got, investing every bit of yourself,  holding nothing back. It also means you breathe and live the thing for which your whole mind, your whole heart and your whole life have been entrusted without any reservation. With the power of dedication, you cannot but be resolute, fear no sacrifice and surmount all difficulties to win victory.
To excel means: (1) To be very good at doing something. e.g. She has always excelled in foreign languages. As a child, he excelled at music and art. The team excels at turning defense into attack. (2) To do extremely well and even better than you usually do. e.g. Rick’s cooking was always good but this time he really excelled himself.
A man of high caliber will never be contented to remain a mediocrity. He or she surely would like to become a celebrity. If you aim high in your life, you have got to be a expert in something. You have got to excel at something. You must become a really proficient professional in your chosen field of endeavour. Formerly, it is said: NO PAIN, NO GAIN. Now, it is said: More Pains, More Gains!
Learning means: (1) To gain knowledge or skill by studying, from experience, from being taught, etc. (2) To become aware of something by hearing about it from somebody else. (3) To study and repeat something in order to be able to remember it. (4) To gradually change your attitudes about something so that you behave in a different way.
Anyway, you have got to continue learning all the way to your retirement age. You must learn to make a difference in your life, in your job and in your relationships. You must learn to differentiate your products or services from those of the competitors. You must deeply learn to be unique and stay ahead with a winning edge in your specialized field of discipline. You have to unlearn, relearn and focus on learning.
Innovation means: (1) A new idea method or invention. e.g. Recent technological innovations.
(2) Introduction of new ideas or methods. An innovative process, method or plan, etc. is new, different and better than those that existed before. (3) Using clear new ideas and methods. Ours is an age of innovation. Innovation is an effective strategy that can differentiate you from the rest. To stand out from the crowd, you are compelled to innovate. To be able to innovate, you have got to be creative, and imaginative.
Value means: (1) How much something is worth in money or other goods for which it can be exchanged. (2) How much something is worth compared with its price. (3) The quality of being useful. If we value something, it means we cherish it, we hold it in high esteem and we price it high in terms of money. Some of the common basic values of life are Honesty, Health, Happiness, Hard working, Knowledge & Education, Friendliness, Companionship and Peace of Mind. In business, we value Productivity, Progress, Profit, Prosperity, and Protecting the Planet.
We should not be satisfied and contented by just doing and delivering something. We should be able to go beyond the call of duty and conduct our affairs beyond due diligence. We should have the habit of going the extra mile. We should stand out from the crowd. We should always be improving our caliber of capabilities. We must make it our duty to exceed expectations of the stakeholders such as Customers, Employees, Owners/ Shareholders, the Community and the whole National Economy.
•    Ordinary expectations are doing and delivering good results.
•    Extraordinary expectations are doing and delivering best results.
We all work for results and must deliver results. If you are not able to deliver results for any reason, we are sure to be deemed incompetent, irresponsible, substandard or mediocre in ability and sincerity. So,
•    Do well and Deliver Superior Results.
•    Be creative and innovative to be able to deliver innovative Results.
•    Get superior resources to deliver best Results.
•    Surround yourself with superior minds for excellent Results.
Do and Deliver
Swim and Win
Stand Out From the Crowd.

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