“Do as I say, but don’t do as I do,” is an ambiguous statement

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • The above-mentioned expression is a frequently heard expression in our environment, sometimes as a joke and sometimes as a warning. Some people never say these words out of their lips, but their deeds express this meaning. In our surrounding, we can see various kinds of people. Some are industrious, ambitious and diligent. Simultaneously, there are those who are moderate, un-ambitious and complacent. Out of these two, the former kind is good for their future prospects, but there is one condition that they need to take care of themselves for their ambitions not to be excessive more than necessary. Sometimes, their ambitions may lead them to become too selfish, and ruin their health and lives. The latter kind seems to be complacent and lazy, but if our community is only full of this kind of people, we will find it difficult to reach a developed state. The most important thing for us is to avoid these two extremes.
    We have to take lessons from our forefathers, from our seniors and veterans, in leading a successful life, simple yet rewarding.They themselves had faced difficulties, hardships and failures. Every individual may experience a mistake or traumatic eventwhile working. They themselves have to ruminate and assess their mistakes so that they can avoid repeating the same mistakes. By relaying their knowledge, our veterans can manage to lead us to our success. Men change physically and mentally, as time goes by. Generally, a person’s physical maturity can be said to depend on his karma, mind, climate and sustenance consumed, whereas mental maturity depends on what type of intellectual food we feed the brain. The human mind thirsts for information, knowledge and new experiences. It is necessary to stimulate the mind by reading good books, traveling to new places for general knowledge and listening to lectures and talks given by experts on various subjects.For relaxation, we need to listen to good soothing music to calm our nerves after working the whole day amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. Books we read, and experiences and knowledge shared and recounted by our seniorscan guide us to success.
    An alcoholic, a drug addict and a criminal who have already tried and regretted their ill deeds can relay their experiences of evil effects to youngsters. Thus their advice, “What to do and what not to do,” may become a tonic, as it can help our youths to go straight to their respective goals and simultaneously can help them abandon their bad habits. Meanwhile, we can see another kind of people, especially in our working environment. In fact, they can be categorized as the ultra-opportunist group. They are misappropriating authorityempowered to them, as if it were their own heritage left to them by their parents.They would not like to abandon their old habits and dubious malpractices, but they instruct their juniors to abide by laws, rules and regulations. From their lips, they do not disclose the words, “Do as I say, but don’t do as I do,” but their deeds are like saying so. We know and see there are such kinds of people around us. We can accept those who change into the right world from the dark one, after deciding to remove their evil spirits and mindsets. Instead, those who jumped onto the bandwagon with the intention of exploiting benefits by pretending to abandon ill minds are unacceptable persons. Now is the time for us to take the responsibility of solving this problem.
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