Do meritorious deeds by easing DHF tension among people

Dengue haemorrhagic fever is one of the very dangerous diseases which mostly starts outbreak in early monsoon in Myanmar. Such a disease can pose threats to people, mostly under 15 years of age but those people above 15 years are also suffering from DHF unexpectedly.
Unfortunately, patients may lose life in suffering from DHF. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Health, a total of 1,717 people became victims of DHF, seven of who died of the disease during the period from 1 January to 20 May 2023. It spotlighted that anyone should not underestimate outbreaks and impacts of DHF in society.
Till today, DHF generally breaks out in Yangon, Taninthayi and Ayeyawady regions and Mon and Kayin states. Before a decade, health experts set a record related to the disease, stating that children under 15 years of age may suffer from DHF. But, they reviewed their remarks and amended the findings that DHF may break out in people above 15 years of age.
People in Myanmar generally face impacts of mosquito-borne diseases such as DHF, malaria, elephantiasis and Japanese Encephalitis diseases. Especially, DHF is the most dangerous in the rainy season. DHF breaks out some 400 million global people on a yearly basis, 70 per cent of who live in Asia. Of them, DHF mostly happens in India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Myanmar.
As such, the people of Myanmar need to join hands with health staff, members of social organizations, volunteers and local authorities in controlling DHF in all parts of the country so as to save the children suffering from DHF in time. All the people need to clean up their environs not to leave any places any species of mosquitos can inhabit.
Social organizations and health staff need to inform people about the symptoms of DHF and ways to prevent such a disease in time before monsoon. Whenever they find DHF patients, they should have to provide necessary treatments to the patients so as to ease the tensions of patient families. If so, health staff and health organizations will win more trust and reliance of the people.
As most of the DHF patients are children under 15 years of age, their sufferings can spread to their families. It can be said that easing or removal of plights from any other can be defined as doing meritorious deeds. As most of the Myanmar people are Buddhists, not only people but health personnel have to ease the tension, sufferings and plights of others for their worrying about outbreaks of DHF as much as possible.

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