Do you really love your country?

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Almost all of us say we love our country, and it is indeed rare for someone to profess a view to the contrary. Even when changing citizenship to that of another nation, most continue to love the land of their birth.
There are some who repeatedly profess love for their motherland, while getting richer and richer as the country becomes poorer. On the other hand, there are people who unwaveringly express love for their country, despite not even having a roof over their heads. This disparity raises the question, what is it that makes one love their country?
People who truly love their country do so because it is the greater home of all citizens. They would hate to see conflicts, hatred, violence and poverty in their homeland. Therefore, one who really loves his or her country should surely try to eliminate these things.
If someone is exploiting one or all of these social woes for their own interest, it can be said that they do not really love their country. It is important that people should judge who really loves their country not by their words but by their actions.

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