Domestic handicraft businesses earn extra income in Pwintbyu Township

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Women are weaving baskets at a house in Pwintbyu Township in Magway Region. Photo: Ye Win Naing (IPRD)

Domestic handicraft businesses are earning extra income for their family in Pwintbyu Township in Magway region, said a local domestic handicraft maker in the middle ward, Pwintbyu Township.
Those manufacturing the domestic handicrafts on a manageable scale are weaving baskets, handbags, shopping baskets and lunch box baskets to earn extra income.
“During the pandemic period, this domestic handicraft making business is a lucrative business that can generate extra income for the family. This domestic handicraft business is highly interesting and being learned by the women who are seeking extra income for their households by doing a manageable scale business. We create different designs of handicrafts such as baskets, handbags and shopping bags on a manageable scale,” said Ma Saw Aye Mon Latt, a handicraft maker from Pwintbyu Township.
“This domestic handicraft business is convenient for finding an extra income for my family in this coronavirus period. We are weaving the different designs of the baskets on a manageable scale by ordering raw materials from Thailand. We are sharing these techniques for people who wish to learn to make these handicrafts. Weaving a basket costs K3,000-K4,000.
Then, we sell it back at K5,000 or K6,000 depending upon the size and design. People can order the basket and handbag with their designs and colours,” she added. —Ye Win Naing (IPRD)(Translated by Hay Mar)


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