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Don’t bully each other, build a peaceful world

Bullying never benefits people from all walks of life. At all the time when bullying is still alive, all communities across the world will never enjoy the fruits of the restoration of peace. Various forms of bullying cannot help restore perpetual peace for mankind throughout the world.
Today’s world is full of bullying events. Most of the global people, especially powerful ones are attempting to commit bullying against the weaker ones. Everybody cannot deny that such bullying cannot help society have peace and prosperity but much commits the darkness for all. It is a universal truth.
Those who commit bullying against others do not culture sympathy, empathy, compassion and loving-kindness towards others. Their hearts and souls are not home to these sympathies and compassions for global peoples. The bully persons are always happy for their worst deeds making trouble for others.
In the secular world, the persons from the lighting and darkness worlds are living in parallel. Those persons are separately living in respective arenas. Although those persons from the legal fold never attempt to provoke the persons outside the legal fold, the persons from the latter are always trying hard to make attempts to fight the persons from the legal fold as part of expanding their arena. If possible, they wish to govern all parts of the arena to be put under their illegal fold.
The Lord Buddha preached Dhamma and Adhamma which mean the right doctrine and false doctrine. The right doctrine is always representing the right and correct things and events whereas the false doctrine features malpractices. Only when all the global peoples, including Myanmar people, follow the honest and righteous practices with compassion forever will the Dhamma called right doctrine influence over the false doctrine. As such, the whole world will have the chance to enjoy the fruits of peace and prosperity. Consequently, the world can save lives from all inappropriate incidents of sabotages.
Everybody knows it is difficult to emerge a life in the world. Anyone should not harm the lives of other persons. All living beings including animals are in fear of losing their lives. So, no one should attempt to destroy the lives of others. Even destructionists love their life and limbs. If so, they need to consider everybody would love their life and limbs. Hence, all persons are to live in peaceful co-existence among themselves and build a peaceful world without harming each other.


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