Don’t fall prey to religious agitation

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There is convincing evidence that lack of an incisive analysis of a particular prevailing situation acts as a constant reminder of how a nation can collapse into chaos. At a time when the transitional period has reached a crucial juncture, incitements to racial hatred and religious tension have gone viral on social media in connection with the election of a non-Buddhist as vice president. It is absolutely imperative to base our judgment on experience and common sense.
It is safe to say that Buddhists are in the majority in the country. However, it does not necessarily mean that the people of majority faith reserve the right to run the country. A few years back, our country experienced a sudden surge of resurgent religious tensions between the two communities instigated on the false religious pretext, apart from over six decades of ethnic armed conflict. In a country whose constitution grants freedom of worship to different faiths, such religious agitation is none but a shameful act of terrorism.
By hook or by crook, destructive elements will try one way or another to spread malicious rumours intended to deliberately undermine the morale of citizens and exacerbate tensions. We should not underestimate their sheer malice. They will trick us into falling prey to such political and religious agitations.
We have all learned from past experience that extreme sentiments have just caused us to face lengthy delays in our march to a genuine democracy that can boost such characteristics as peace, stability, justice, equality and prosperity. After undergoing a series of crises, we are left to weather the storm with the accumulated wisdom of hindsight.

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