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Don’t forget gratitude for healthy plants

The planet Earth must be saved with lush and green environments. The health of plants is as important as the planet Earth as the Earth is home to all living beings and non-living things. Practically, plants are depending on the planet Earth whereas the planet Earth relies on thriving healthy plants.
As the health of plants is of importance, the United Nations declared 12 May as the International Day of Plant Health in order to raise public awareness about protecting plant health because it can end hunger as well as starvation, reduction of poverty in both urban and rural populations, conservation of biodiversity and natural environment.
In fact, various species of plants are influencing the whole world with provisions of oxygen, food supply, clothing and shelter for human beings. These plants handle the current world with environmental conservation and the perpetual existence of the world. Even though these plants are unavoidably facing loss and damage in attacks of plant pests and diseases, accounting for 40 per cent, affecting global food security and agricultural industries.
Healthy plants can thrive in the environment to shape the world in order to mitigate desertification, deforestation, dryness, environmental degradation, climate change, global warming and so on. Hence, human beings need to support the conservation of the environment with healthy plants so as to ensure the existence of forests to adjust the climatic conditions.
Plant health is key to the sustainable development of agriculture which helps provide food to the global people by 2050. Actually, healthy plants shape the future life of all strata of the global people living on the planet Earth, as well as ecosystem functions, food security and nutrition.
Only when healthy plants can emit oxygen will all living beings breathe fresh and healthy air in the atmosphere. These healthy plants provide food and oxygen which are of importance for living beings, especially humans, accounting for 80 per cent and 98 per cent respectively. Moreover, these plants are natural fortresses for the people in preventing natural disasters.
Everybody needs to know the value of healthy plants. So also, they should not forget the gratitude of the plants which have been saving the planet Earth in successive eras several times. If all living beings, especially human beings rely on healthy plants each other, the whole planet Earth will be prosperous forever. If so, human beings need to help the plants be healthy to shape the planet Earth lush and green with life safety.

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