Don’t give up on everything easily in life

All duties and functions are formed with challenges and opportunities. All works of building, manufacturing, maintaining, making preparation, decorating and so on are facing challenges and opportunities on a daily basis.
Hence, everybody needs to understand all things in operations must face challenges and opportunities without fail. That is why anyone should not give up on the processes of operating or managing every measure. If one gives up on something, one will never achieve success in the work process. Even if one achieves success in a relevant work process, it will not be real or not have an essence.
Everybody needs to take relevant measures to have progress or accomplishment while overcoming challenges and seeking opportunities. Indeed, the challenge and the opportunity are separated with an intangible margin between them. In actuality, everybody cannot reach the opportunity without penetrating the intangible margin of challenges. Even though it is not ensured that everybody can penetrate the intangible margin of separation layer into the opportunity, those who could overcome challenges ensure to enjoy the fruits of happiness in accomplishment.
Hence, all the persons should not easily give up on everything. Especially, students should not easily give up on their failure in examinations. Recently, the matriculation examination came out, bringing a large number of winners as well as the almost same number of losers in the exam. It is true that those who have already won the examination would be happy with their endeavours. At the same time, those who lost the examination may face downheartedness or depression. So, those exam losers should not fall under depression. They should not give up on such a measure. They should note that it is just a challenge in their lives.
Those exam losers should keep the best loss of their lives in their minds. Such a loss must be a great encouragement for them. They should shift the loss into the opportunity. They must boost up their mental capability to penetrate the intangible margin between the win and the loss. If they have the capability to penetrate the tangible margin before the loss, they will have to enjoy the sweet life of opportunity. If so, it is ready to take an opportunity for their lives. How the great astonishment it is!
So, all the people need to change their mindsets. They should not give up on all easily. They have to understand if they lose one thing, there will remain many things in which they may take opportunities in their lives.

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