Don’t let yourselves to be deceived

  • Khin Maung Myint

Anyone with some knowledge of such matters knew full well that the simultaneous assaults of the 25 August, on 30 police outposts and stations and the massacring and the acts of arsons in the Rakhine State are being well planned. Such undertakings are not the kind of task that any ragtag band of inexperienced civilians could carry out on their own. This incident clearly indicated that there are some masterminds behind those actions and what their intentions were, can be clearly anticipated. The most immediate intention of theirs’ could be to get more attentions for their cause. However, we should not ignore the fact that their ultimate objectives could be much more ambitious than that. If so, that would pose a threat to the sovereignty of the country and should be dealt with accordingly.
By now, the international organizations and the communities should realize who the real villains are. The latest spate of assaults on the security forces and the gruesome killings of innocent villagers and widespread cases of arsons in the towns and villages in the Maungtaw, Buthitaung and Rathetaung townships are concrete evidences of atrocities carried out by the self-identifed people who were in reality illegal migrants. These acts of terrorism are in fact instigated, either intentionally or unintentionally by outsiders—international communities, media, opportunist NGOs, extremist elements from abroad and in part by the UN rapporteur. Their supports emboldened some of those people who are, in fact, meek, humble and non-agressive by nature in the past, to turn into terrorists.
Here, one should note the word “unintentionally” in the above paragraph. Some international organizations, communities, NGOs, media and the UN rapporteur are advocating for the illegal migrants by demanding, in the beginning, to recognize them as a national or an ethnic race of Myanmar, without knowing their real backgrounds or their intentions. When that failed, they changed their demands that we must grant them citizenships. Such actions are among the reasons that led the illegal immigrants to believe that they are fighting for a “right cause”.
As for some of the NGOs, both local and international, it’s no wonder they are biased as they are being paid to do so by some sponsors of those people. Now that the situations got out off control, those NGOs had fled. They are similar to the mad scientists who created a monster, which they are unable to control and thus flee for their dear lives.They shouldn’t be allowed to return to those places or anywhere else in the country in the future. However, the UN rapporteur should be neutral in her stand on this issue.
For that matter, some of our kind should also be blamed. While the authorities were trying to get the situations under control after the 2012 incidents in those areas, the hate speeches directed at other race and religion, which are un-called for, had made the situations to worsen.
Now, the latest rampages by those terrorists had revealed their true colours. Those who are blindly backing them should come to their senses and realize who the real villains are and stop blaming us. Those terrorists are killing even some of their own kind who cooperated or suspected of cooperating with the authorities. Gradually emerging news of the mass graves of the innocent Bengali Hindus were the latest testimonies to their atrocities. Those people were killed with the intentions of putting the blame on our authorities and at the same time create reign of terror in those areas and threatening away the residents to flee across the borders.
Their latest tactics are to entice or lure the people of foreign origins of other faith to join those who had fled to the neighbouring country, giving them false promises and informations. They even went far to falsely labeling the Hindus of Bengali origins as Rohingya Hindus to turn them against the Myanmars. That’s the most outrageous and treacherous stance. Though the Hindus of Myanmar rejected their stance and condemned their acts of atrocities, the terrorists had already managed to attract some Hindus to the other country, where they are now living in the refugee camps.
Although there were no more fighting and the situations are coming back to normal in those areas the exodus continued until today. Why these are continuing can be none other than the results of false promises of aids and opportunities they can receive in the other country as refugees. At the same time these situations are purposely being created to deceive the world to grant them more funds and at the same time discredit our country of persecutions and discriminations against the minorities.
The “cause of the illegal immigrants”, that they and the international organizations, communities and the media are vociferously advocating for, is just a ploy to deceive the world. It was a well planned tactics to pave their exodus to migrate to other countries from their country of origin, where there is an un-controlable population explosion and riddled with poverty and starvation. At first their plan worked as the UNHCR managed to resettle them in some countries. However, that plan failed as other countries wouldn’t accept them anymore and that changed their tactics.
They started to create unrest in the country by waging simultaneous assaults on the border police outposts for the first time back in 2014 and when the authorities retaliated, the international organizations, including the UN rapporteur, international communities and the international media came to their support, which made the situations worse. The latest attacks are the second of the major offensives waged by the extremist terrorists.
I would like to request the international organizations, communities and the media and the peoples on both sides to refrain from instigating further divide and hatreds. Please don’t add fuel to the fire. Let the authorities do what is necessary to bring stability to those areas and provide security and safety to the citizens. Please be mindful that your actions could jeopardize those efforts.

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