Don’t let poverty drive children out of school


[dropcap font=”0″]T[/dropcap]here is no child who does not love being told fairy tales before bedtime. This tells us children are enthusiastic about learning and shows us how important primary education is to them. As the United Nations Millennium Development Goals state, every boy and girl should be able to complete a full course of primary education.
Most people feel education can help society eradicate poverty in a sustainable manner. The view that educating children is crucial to ending extreme poverty is held by many nations. They prioritize programmes designed to invest in human capital in the belief that it can pave the way for social mobility.
Investing in primary education encourages children to realize their full potential as future leaders of their countries and the world as a whole.
In Myanmar, some children, especially in rural areas, do not have easy access to education. The number of schools in remote and rural areas is quite small. Many schools do not have adequate resources. In addition, long travelling distances discourage children from attending school. Many children in rural areas have to walk miles to the nearest school.
Despite the government’s generosity in making primary education free nationwide, poverty still remains a major obstacle for school-age boys and girls from poor families. We should not let poverty drive our children out of school, especially in this age. Leaving school and working to support families will no doubt have tragic consequences for children.
All things considered, primary education is not only the basic rights of all children but also a solid foundation for upward social mobility.

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