Don’t lose sight of public interest


Authorities in Yangon are trying to solve the problem of traffic congestion as it has become a major difficulty for the public. As public buses are the only transportation mode that covers the whole city, traffic congestion has an enormous effect on the daily lives of Yangon residents by delaying them from going to and from work.
A number of overpasses have been built in major junctions while many main roads were widened.Vehicles parked on roads are fined. People are encouraged to use other modes of transportation including circle line trains. Although the authorities are grappling with the problem of traffic congestion, the public has already recognized these efforts.
However, restricting public buses in downtown areas does not lead to the intended result.Public buses are allowed to use only one lane on major roads in downtown areas. As a result, all public buses have to queue in the only available lane and hardly move forward at rush hour. It takes about an hour for the buses to drive through the downtown area, which took about a half hour previously. Some impatient passengers choose to walk instead of wasting time on crowded buses.
In Singapore, private cars are restricted or banned in central business districts and the public transportation system is improved. Priority is given to the mode of transportation used by the majority of its population. To the contrary, public buses used by majority of Yangon residents are restricted downtown and people are beginning to feel the bite of this. Now, only some impatient passengers choose to walk downtown but it is likely that all passengers will take to street if the problem persists. Authorities should not lose sight of serving the interests of the general public in whatever they do.

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