Don’t set aside older persons in society

Senior citizens are bearing uncountable experiences obtained from their lifetime while overcoming various challenges in solving physical and mental problems. How precious it is!
To serve the interests of all people and to shape the world peaceful, those senior citizens above 60 need to share their invaluable experiences with current and new generations to be able to accumulate knowledge useful for life in a short time. Those generations will have a chance to shrink the time in accumulating knowledge and experiences thanks to the older persons. If not, they need to spend their lifetime seeking experiences and knowledge.
As such, those generation people will have the opportunity to apply the accumulated experiences in the current era for the interests of all. They will have to add more experiences they themselves would face and obtain. If they have the capacity of seeking experiences from others, they will have more invaluable experiences than others. It will be the best relations between older senior citizens and new generation people. Actually, society is formed with both parties shaping daily life.
The overall umbrella theme for the United Nations International Day of Older Persons in 2022 is “Resilience of Older Persons in a Changing World.” It shows the capability of older people to face the challenges of a changing world. On the other ward, it proves that older people should not be set aside in society due to their amazing experiences and capacity in relevant arenas in which they can do things skillfully.
Older people know best what works for them. They are crucial agents of change and should be heard and involved in planning and action to achieve equity for all ages. They have a wealth of experience that they can share with the new generations to shape society into more developed and prosperous.
All societies across the world should have developed in balance by utilizing the invaluable experiences of older persons called senior citizens and the utmost efforts of new generations. In this regard, the older persons should have the capacity with invaluable experiences whereas new generation people must have the capacity to absorb skills and techniques handed over by the older people and efficiently utilize them in society.
All in all, society should give a chance to older people to show off their capacity and serve society with deserved encouragement. And, new generations should be nurtured with the help of older people based on their experiences.

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