Don’t underestimate infection of communicable diseases

The covid-19 pandemic is still spreading across the world while new infectious diseases with different titles are trying to take a stronghold in the world to attack the global peoples. Hence, all the peoples need to take care of the possible danger to be triggered by dreadful diseases.
Currently, global people should not dive in a breath because not only new variants of Covid-19 but also monkeypox are taking a position in global countries. Likewise, the people of Myanmar should take care of spreading rapid infection of new variants.
The relevant ministries have eased restrictions on Covid-19 for the people to live in society freely. Taking this advantage, as new viruses are possible to still attack society, the people should not set aside physical and mental restrictions with underestimation over the diseases. In fact, no country across the world can control the current pandemic as well as monkeypox until today.
Gradually, the infection rate of even Covid-19 is surging day by day. Hence, whatever the government eases the health restrictions, the people need to continue abiding by basic health activities such as wearing masks, washing hands and avoiding public areas. Only when the people have health awareness at a high level will the whole nation be free from terrible infection of any diseases and viruses.
As Myanmar is able to sufficiently produce Covid-19 vaccine namely Myancopharm at home, people have easy access to using vaccines to battle the Covid-19 pandemic at any time. The people who have taken full times of Covid-19 vaccine shots can reduce the seven folds of death rate, according to health experts. Everybody, especially breastfeeding mothers, diabetes, hypertension and cardiac disease patients needs to take the vaccinations for Covid-19.
At present, the government has allowed the running of international flights in the country in April 2022. But it is necessary to take care of infection of diseases because some passengers may be virus carriers who will start infection of virus in the nation. Hence, authorities, as well as the people, should take the infectious possibility while observing the symptoms of communicable diseases to be able to take preventive measures in advance.
People need to take the necessary vaccines for infectious diseases in time. It is necessary to take innovative measures for coming out the vaccines for new diseases. It needs to take adequate time. More than that, they all should follow the basic preventive measures without forgetting the important words: wearing, washing and avoiding.


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