Double earthquakes shake Bago, Yangon regions in single day

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People are seen at an open area on a street of Kyaukmyaung, Tamway Township after an earthquake rocked yesterday night.

Bago and Yangon regions experienced two times of earthquakes within a day.
A slight earthquake with a 3.7 Richter Scale affected a place of 10 kilometres in the depth of epicentre, 21 miles west of DaikU within Myanmar, 67 miles north-northeastward from Kaba Aye seismographic observatory station, at 17.81° north latitude and 96.34° east longitude at 17 hours three minutes and 43 seconds Myanmar standard time on 23 September, according to the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology.
With regard to the earthquake, Dhammatagun Sayadaw Dhammakathika Ashin Gamani residing at Mahasi meditation centre in Hlegu recounted his experiences, “We in Hlegu faced three times of earthquakes the same day at 5 pm, 6:20 pm and 8:57 pm. The last time it seemed a moderate shake. May all people be free from danger.”
Similarly, a moderate earthquake shook with a 5.1 Richter Scale at the place 10 kilometres in the depth of epicentre, some 12 miles southwest of Bago in the country, 27 miles northeast of Kaba Aye seismographic observatory station, at 17.23° north latitude and 96.32° east longitude, at 20 hr, 54 min and 35 sec on 23 September. In that case, people from the downtown Yangon area, North and South Dagon Myothit townships, and Insein and North Okkalapa townships remarkably suffered from the shaking of the earthquake.
“Duration of shaking may be about one minute, I think. Buildings are swaying in the impacts of earthquakes, causing dizzying to all. I have felt that slight earthquakes have hit here since early evening,” Daw Moe Moe from a high-rise building in Sangyoung Township told the GNLM.
According to the geo-research website of the New Zealand government, a strong earthquake with a 6.2 Richter Scale hit the South Island of New Zealand at 9.12 pm local standard time on 23 September. The epicentre of the earthquake was 11 kilometres underground and 124 kilometres west of Christchurch city but it did not bear any damage or casualties. — Htun Htun/TTA

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