Dr. Pe Myint speech to Myanmar Motion Picture Academy Awards ceremony

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Union Minister for Information Dr. Pe Myint addresses the Myanmar Motion Picture Academy Awards Presentation Ceremony for 2017 at Myanmar Event Park yesterday. Photo: MNA

It can be seen clearly that the status of a movie is directly related to whether it benefits the people or not.
Although movies are seen as entertainment, it has a great attraction and through it, ideas, thoughts, feelings and mindsets can be passed on.
Movies affect and give either good or bad moral, practices and habits to the people, especially the youth.
Thus, raising the standard of movies will entertain the people and at the same time raise their knowledge and benefit them.
Movies benefit the people on one side and it also support the creation of a good image for the country that produces it.
Movies also raise international interest, attract attention, make the viewer like and have high esteem towards the producing country.
The countries of the world including our neighbouring countries use the motion picture sector to develop their countries.
If the members of the Myanmar Motion Picture Organization and personnel of the Myanmar movie sector work together in unity, Myanmar movies as well as culture will spread throughout the world. The name and honour of the country will also be raised.
By then it is believed that the Myanmar Academy Award presentation ceremony will be viewed by the world and distinguished Myanmar artistes’ fame will be known throughout the world.
The Ministry of Information pledges to work with partner organisations like the Myanmar Motion Picture Organization and cooperate with peoples and organisations from various sectors who are striving toward the development of Myanmar motion pictures, said the Union Minister.

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