Dried fish business could be suspended

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Dried fish baked in the sun. A scarcity of raw materials is leading to their suspension.

Although dried fish sell well starting in April, dried fish businessmen are faced with the problem of scarcity of dried fish supply, thereby having a need to suspend their business, according to sellers.
“The dried fish are selling well in our region these days. But we don’t have raw materials starting from the last two days. Now, we have to suspend our business for lack of raw materials”, said U Hsan Lin, a fish paste and dried fish seller.
Although the dried fish are selling well in Mawlamyinegyun township because it is mostly used in charities held during water festival, the fish supply has become scarce because of high temperatures.
Previously, fishermen caught between 8 and 10 visses of fish per day. But starting from the first week of April, the fishermen could catch only three visses of fish per day.

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