Dried fish prices on the rise in domestic market during fishing season

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Women sell dried fish displayed at a market.  Photo: Reuters

THE PRICE of dried fish have been on the rise in domestic market, especially in Ayeyawady Region, this fishing season, according to a report of the Myawady Daily issued on Saturday.
According to sources from the dried fish market, despite the high in value of dried products, the trade in Pyapon market remained unchanged.
Currently, dried mackerel is sold for Ks18,000 per viss (3.6 lbs), dried banded snakehead for Ks12,000 per viss and dried bummalo for Ks6,500 per viss, residents say. On Wednesday and Saturday, those from coastal villages regularly sell a wide variety of dried products in the market in Pyapon Village at a cheaper price.
The price of those marine products is expected to decrease in early November as more species of fish are commonly found in the sea on days after the full-moon day of Tazaungmone, dried fish traders say. Myanmar’s dried fish are mainly exported to India.
Marketable fish and prawns are currently being exported to China, Thailand, Singapore, Kuwait, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Bangladesh and the United Kingdom and other countries.

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