Dropping garlic price remains higher than onion price

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Garlic from Aungban area before shipping to a brokerage house.

Ko Thein, an onion, garlic, and potato vendor on Yaytama Road in Bayintnaung Brokerage in Yangon, told the Global New Light of Myanmar (GNLM) that the price of garlic from Aungban, Shan State, has fallen due to the decreasing price of Kyukok garlic.
The price of Kyukok and Shan garlic dropped by around K800–K900 on 23 September, ranging around K7,050-K7,200 per viss for Kyukok garlic and K7,300–K8,600 per viss for Shan garlic, since the price of Kyukok garlic was K8,000 per viss on 2 September while Shan garlic fetched K7,800–K9,500 per viss.
In the Yangon market, the prices of two types of garlic, including onions, potatoes, and chilli peppers, have dropped significantly these days due to low transactions on rainy days.
The price of Shan garlic is still three times the price of onions, Ko Swe Aung, a grocery dealer at the Nyaungpinlay Market in Lanmadaw Township, told the GNLM.
Housewives use onions more than garlic in their daily cooking. Onions are only one-third of the price of garlic, so housewives are less worried about the high price of garlic.
On 23 September 2022, the wholesale price of Kyukok garlic was K3,850 per viss, and that of Shan Aungban garlic ranged from K2,800 to K3,900 per viss. Therefore, in the last week of September this year, garlic prices were around double the prices of the same period last year.
During early months of this year when Shan garlic was harvested, the yield was low and the price is high due to rain. According to a garlic seller, the high price of Shan garlic brought the price of Kyukok garlic imported from abroad to a high. — TWA/CT

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