Drugs seized in Mansi, Myawady, Sittway, Kutkai, Nawnghkio townships

Stimulant tablets were seized in Mansi, Myawady, Sittway, Kutkai and Nawnghkio townships, Myanmar Police Force stated.
A combined team consisting of members of the Anti-Drug Police Force searched Ma Khin Nyunt, who is on suspicious at the Hanhtet-Mantha village-tract, near Manra village, Mansi township at 2:15 pm on 23 July. They found 4,750 stimulant tablets and 0.55 kilogramme of raw opium. A team consisting of Anti-Drug Police Force searched a Honda step wagon, which is stopped on Yaypu street, No 5 ward, Myawady at 5:20 pm. They found Sanda Kyaw (aka) Thar Gyi (aka) Wa Toke, Ma Naw Phaw Bum (aka) Anaw and Ma Khin Thidar Tun from the vehicle and seized 9,750 stimulant tablets.
Similarly, the Anti-Drug Task Force raded Ma Cho Mar Khine (aka) Yaryi’s house, located on Manipura Street, Kathe ward in Sittway township on 5:15 pm and seized 6,970 stimulant pills. As an interrogation results, drug dealer U Khin Maunug was arrested at his house, located at No B/17, Bawdi street, Sittway township on 5:30 pm. The Special Task Force of Anti-Drug Police Force searched a motorbike driven by Nyi Khan (aka) Nyi Lar and found 1.1 kilo of heroin in the front of No 2 ward’s lodge, Kutkai township at 9:20 am on 23 July.
Likewise, the team searched a motorbike driven by Seng Du (aka) Mar Noung in the Mandalay-Lashio highway, near Oriental tollgate, Pahat ward in Nawnghkio township at 9:30 am on 23 July. They impounded 59,800 stimulant tablets from him.
They are prosecuted under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law, the Myanmar Police Force stated. —MNA

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