Drugs seized in some townships

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A arrestee is seen along with seized drugs and a vehicle.

A combined team consisting of the Anti-Drug Police Force searched a Sunlong express driven by Ko Maung accompanied by Kyaw Zin Aung and Ye Win Paing (aka) Ye Gyi at the Tadakyoe checkpoint, Yaykyawgyi village-tract in Kawkareik township at 11:30 am on 20 August. The team found 1,000 kilogrammes of Ammonium Nitrate and as an interrogation result, the team searched No 2 Friendship Bridge Road, No 5 ward in Myawady. They found 2,000 kilogrammes of Ammonium Nitrate from a Canter vehicle driven by Kyaw Myo Min (aka) Pho Kyaw (aka) Kyaw Gyi. Then, the Anti-Drug Police Special Task Force searched Racho, who is suspicious near Huaysai village, Katpha village-tract in Kengtung Township at 12 noon on the same day. They found 9,200 stimulant tablets from him. Similarly, the combined task force searched Sai Aung Kham (aka) Aung Kham’s house, which is situated at Sengsai A ward in Tachilek raided at 6 pm on 19 August. They found Sai Aung Khan (aka) Aik Lon, Sai Yi Kyauk (aka) Htit, Sai Yi Tit (aka) Arrpha and Sai Aung Kham (aka) Aung Kham with 24 kilogrammes of ketamine, 0.2 kilogramme of ecstasy powder, 0.423 kilogramme of Happy Water, 33 9mm rounds of blind ammunition, 27 9mm rounds of ammunition, 250 kilogrammes of Caffeine and accessories. Furthermore, the combined team consisting of security forces searched Sai Shen’s house, situated at Wanna village, Mongphong A village-tract in Tachilek Township at 9 pm on 19 August. They seized two kilogrammes of Ice and as an interrogation result, the team seized Sai Shen Kham (aka) Aik Pyan, who is a drug dealer, at his house, situated at Wanna village, Mongphong A village-tract in Tachilek township at 5 pm on 20 August.
They are prosecuted under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law, the Myanmar Police Force stated. —MNA

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