Each Tatmadaw member must have skills and qualifications in training to become a capable and powerful Tatmadaw

Trainees have the capacity to apply their skills in relevant professions at full capacity for building the capable Tatmadaw, Chairman of the State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing was quoted as saying at the meeting with officer instructors and trainees at the Military Computer and Technological Institute in Hopong Station yesterday morning.
Trainees must pursue engineering subjects to have actual skills. As the institute has been upgraded as the creation of good environments, the morale of trainees will improve. The creation of a good environment can not only improve physical structures but also contribute much to the improvement of morale.
After completing the courses, trainees assigned to relevant regiments and units have to thoroughly apply experiences from training so as to dutifully serve their assignments. So, they have to understand their moves as improving the Tatmadaw and themselves. Hence, all trainees must be qualified for military arts and relevant professions.
They need to continued learning as training is endless. Trainees have the capacity to apply their skills in relevant professions at full capacity for building capable Tatmadaw. They all have to study modern warfare and changing modern wars.
The Senior General explained the leadership of Tatmadaw in initiating multiparty democratization in 2011, the dutiful efforts of Tatmadaw in two terms of democratic governments, voting frauds in the 2020 general election, serving the State responsibilities after the declaration of the State of Emergency, and implementation of policies and objectivs for political, economic and social development of the State and peace and stability.
The Senior General presented foodstuffs and sports equipment for trainees to the commandant and cordially greeted the trainees.
The Senior General inspected the progress of agriculture and livestock farms in the institute and gave necessary guidance.
The Senior General had lunch together with trainees at the mess hall of the institute.
Yesterday morning, the Senior General comforted officers, other ranks, families and members of the Myanmar Police Force receiving medical treatments at the local military hospital in Taunggyi and presented foodstuffs. — MNA/TTA


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