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Earthquakes hit inside and outside Myanmar

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A 3.7 magnitude earthquake with its epicentre inside Myanmar about four miles east-northeast of Kyaukpyu, latitude 19.44°N, longitude 93.61°E. The depth of the earthquake was 17 kilometres, about 65 miles southeast of the Sittway Seismological Observatory, which occurred at 05 hours, 00 minute, 44 seconds MST on 27 July 2022.
Early in the day, a powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.9 Richter Scale with its epicentre outside Myanmar (Luzon, Philippines), latitude 17.57 °N, longitude 120.85 °E, depth of 39 kilometres, about 1,630 miles east of the Kaba Aye Seismological Observatory happened at 07 hours, 13 minutes 29 seconds MST. — DMH

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