Easing restrictions means “time for preparation, not for celebration”

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With relaxation on stay-at-home order imposed on four townships: Bahan, South Okkalapa, Pabedan and Tamwe townships in Yangon Region starting on 29th May, we have found a light at the end of the tunnel.
Besides, some restrictions imposed in the hope of controlling the COVID-19 outbreak would be eased starting on 1st June. The moves have reflected that the Union Government is taking careful steps towards operating the country’s machinery in full swing.
The Ministry of Health and Sports decided to ease some restrictions and to lift the order which was imposed one and half months ago on the four townships after improvement in containing and prevention of the coronavirus spread there.
The relaxation does not mean that the coronavirus is gone for good. Social distancing, hand washing and banning on gathering of five and above would remain the weapon against the highly contagious respiratory virus with no vaccine.
The situation is demanding our people to remain in a mind frame of prudence and caution. Because, now is the “time for preparation, not celebration.” At the time of writing, our country has registered 206 infections and six COVID-19 fatalities.
Despite easing stay-at-home restriction, the four townships still need to follow the physical distancing measures and protective measures likes wearing masks and hand washing requested by the health authorities because lack of proper protective measures can lead to secondary outbreak of the disease.
Besides, proper physical distancing protocols are still required for all activities in offices, factories and essential public services allowed by the Ministry of Health and Sports, schools including monastic education schools and training activities. Social distancing of six feet or more is required and of course no gatherings.
We would like to warn the people that re-opening of restaurants and markets will provide more opportunities for the COVID-19 virus to spread, but, the government has acknowledged the need to strike a balance between the economy and health.
However, during this transition back to ‘normal’ social interactions must be well-managed strategically.
The easing of restrictions comes due to our people’s obedience to the rules, said State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi yesterday on her Facebook Account, calling upon the people to help the country defeat COVID-19 by maintaining their discipline. It is crucial for us to heed the words of the State Counsellor. We would like to encourage the general public not to let down their guard at this sensitive moment.

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