Education is life

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THERE is a close relationship between education and quality of life. Poor education often leads to poor quality of life. Therefore, we must all come together to improve both formal and non-formal educational processes. Our education system is in urgent need of total reform as it has been suffering from the negative impact of administrators’ addiction to ‘high pass rates’, which has become a distracting catchphrase.
The role of teachers should not be underestimated in the processes of planning, assessment, decision-making and management, as they are the only sources in close contact with students. When it comes to improving education, teachers know better than the high-ranking officers sitting in their offices. Moreover, teachers must be provided with favourable conditions for their professional enhancement, which is absolutely vital to students. Students learn best in the hands of smart teachers. It is safe to say teachers are indispensable assets for national development.
It is imperative to renovate and restructure our education system to such an extent that it equips students with the necessary capacity to meet current and future challenges. The notion that no change is possible without education provides an adequate explanation as to why developed countries put the education sector at the top of their agenda.
All things considered, changes in education are inevitable. The government and civil society organisations, on their part, must meet the social needs of teachers. And the teachers, on their part, must engage themselves in the struggle for reform in the education sector. Many hands make light work, after all.

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