Education the most worthwhile investment

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[dropcap font=”0″]A[/dropcap]ccording to sociologists, the family is the basic unit of a society. It is with the family, therefore, that such scholars begin to analyze a society.
Being aware that education is the best weapons to counter all social woes, families spend a lot on schooling their children, but the outlay obviously depends on their income level.
Rich families in Myanmar send their children to international schools affiliated with overseas educational institutions, spending at least US $10,000 per year for primary school students, excluding other costs like allowances, fees for private teachers and so on. The richer the families, the more money they can spend on the education.
Middle class families also spend a large proportion of their incomes on education of their children, since they deem schooling as the only path to a higher social status. Although school fees for public schools are not very high, there are many others expenditures for education such as private tuition fees and school buses.
Some poor families send their children to school and urge them to try hard, knowing education is the only legacy they can give. These families work hard and save in order to spend as much as they can on their children’s education.
Unfortunately, some poor families take their children out of school because they cannot afford education. There have many such cases in the past, and we can see the impact of this disadvantage. The value of education is apparent, and families should not hesitate to spend what they can on schooling their children.

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