Eel hatching with Viet Nam’s technology reaps results

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MFF successfully conducted experimental eel cultivation process with Viet Nam’s technology. Photo: MNA

The experimental cultivation of Myanmar-origin eels with the use of Viet Nam technology has shown positive results after seven months.
“Last year, officials from the Myanmar Fishery Federation (MFF) went on a study tour to Viet Nam, where eel cultivation has been successful, and now, we have successfully conducted experimental eel farming,” said Daw Toe Nanda Tin, vice president of MFF.
“MFF is proud to achieve the first ever eel cultivation in Myanmar. This will help enhance rural development,” she said.
Starting from August 2017, eel varieties from across Myanmar were stocked for eel hatching operations that began in October last year.
More than 200 eel larvae were produced in the past two weeks and more eggs were hatched. Currently, the two-week-old larvae are fed stuff produced from the feed processing factory. The larvae will pass the nursery stage after three weeks, explained Daw Toe Nanda Tin.
“After hatching, the larvae will be kept in a five-square feet lake as they grow. Now, they are in the nursery stage. If larvae can be farmed with fish feed powder produced from the feed factory, they can be farmed anywhere in the country,” she added.
The MFF studied the whole hatching process, in cooperation with the Zoology Department of Yangon University, and they will conduct research and share their hatching techniques.
The MFF aims to convert eel cultivation into a commercial business. It is preparing to stock eel species from the eel producing regions to proceed with further production.
Currently, the eel population in Myanmar is dropping owing to illegal fishing methods, such as electrocuting.
Myanmar’s eels are mainly sent to China. An eel can produce 200 to 1,000 eggs. If the experimental eel cultivation process improves further, many more fish farmers will farm eels.
Additionally, the MFF will import 1,000 Viet Nam-origin snakehead murrel, climbing perch and river catfish soon to conduct fish hatching.


By May Thet Hnin

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